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Sylvia's Sex Chronicles Pt. 1©

A demure Geisha aching to be deflowered.  
A catholic schoolgirl dying to be exploited.  
A ripe fruit primed to your liking.  
What age does the age of contest become irrelevant?
Modesty blushed.  
You wooed me with your perpetual aura of mystique.  
Bulging phallus contingent on the corruption of my morality.  
The rough incursion of your stranger wilting defenses.  
Caught in your meretricious web you invade the pride of my saccharine tangerine with the amiable spur of your majestic septer. Pneuma projecting from my body I watch you ravish me savagely.  
Like mirrors on ceiling.  
Noumenon suspended in the air; numb ardor spawning primal consummation.  
Reflecting the barbaric defilement of my damsel in distress.  
Inveiglement infectious.  
Prodigality ubiquitous, felicity reciprocated.  
The hymen is torn, innocence diminished, an addict is born.  
A connoisseur of cloy you are.  
Transforming me into the woman I was destined to be.  
Your discipline emanating the thug in me.  
Preying on my naive mien.  
Curiosity killed the cat.  
Consider my pristine lamb a casualty.  
Underestimated incubus.  
Your initials engraved in my cervix tattooed with the arterial flow of the ink in your quill.  
The indoctrination of your penmanship biographical.  
Your ancestor’s heredity indenting my diamond mine.  
A coital infinity.  
Who was going to mourn the bereavement of my callow?  
Manipulated to let you contaminate my filtered waters.  
Of course you asked permission but as adolescent should, I trusted the judgment of elder.  
See you’d been around the block a couple of times and knew a thing or two about right and wrong.  
How could I with this naïve mind make such inquiries when you were clearly doing me a favor?  
Why would such an accusation cross my mind?  
Still wet behind the ears I still needed guidance I guess I could not nor did I want to believe someone so close to home could hurt me and so concurrently please.  
It was impossible, nothing felt wrong about it because I did not know.  
Ignorance is bliss.  
I’d never felt so close to family with him inside of me.  
Ridiculous that even only something so foolish as that could be imagined fabricated by a child.  
And a child I was.
What I felt and thought did and said meant absolutely nothing.  
I did what child is taught.  
I boldly obeyed.  
Only as significant as my parents allowed me to be.  
So my stories were only fairytale.  
Maimed in the dark without repercussion.  
Guess I was just too damn “pretty” to be untouched that it just had to be morally incorrect making him the hero in this scenario because lets face it somebody had to pay for the fact that he could never be with me.  
How dare I be so tempting?  
I must have been asking for it, I had it coming.  
So he wasn’t held accountable.  
Childhood pilfered.  
I did everything in my power to not make it seem like I wanted the attention I always got.  
All a kid ever wants is attention, Excuse justifies.  
Compunction was not enough to deter his lust.  
He wanted a piece of whatever it was that I had because it was “better” alternative.  
I beg for fight that does not come, catching the pang he’d spill with courageous palms.  
His acidic wrath on my cheek, I felt the creeping bile.  
Fetored breath of mass abortion.  
Vivid hallucinations of testosterone.  
Papilla exposed to heredity of sexual assault as tongues linked chromosome.  
Raped and alone my open wound a WOMB of INTRUDER ALERT.
Written by MotDi (ConcubinaSumisa)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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