Forget Any Label

This political season has obliterated any truth any labels
that much is perfectly clear
wide held definitions carry no weight
gone a fixed point toward which voters can steer

One candidate has offended just about every traditional minority
going ballistic and spiteful in rhetorical rants
even engaging in diatribes about manhood size
about the dimensions of what is found in the pants

Finding out one can get free press coverage
by injecting venom in campaign speech
but when insulting the fourth estate
that is playing with a dangerous leech

Sad aspect is the other party's candidate
who can't operate in anything but attack mode
not an insurance to democratic practice
all choice bring a dirty road

Calling other party members "mentally unstable"
suggesting chairs thrown here and there
who cares if such display never took place
a narrative of fiction is the only care

People denied the right to vote
after hours of standing in line
or conveniently left off the voting rolls
describing all as normal, blissful, and fine

But a common ingredient Clinton and Trump share
is the love of money in great sums
the lords of Wallstreet feeling comfortable
and beating those financial drums

The military industrial complex
will be bolstered by either candidate in charge
stock in the companies that produce weapons
living well with returns that are large

Backing coups in places like Honduras
giving aid to sexist ruling families in the Middle East
fundraising goals in billions of dollars
not coming from those with the least

And yet proclaiming to be for finance reform
suggesting it matters not where money comes from
squashing any critical examination
making sure dissenting voices are set on "mum"

A spouse who invades campaign polls
as if the laws don't appply to a former president
rules are selective in application
really for all others such words are truly meant

Drones can be sent worldwide
and more aid to occupy Palestinian lands
Aparthied alive and well
but not just terrorists' blood running through the sands

For like any conflict in practice
casualties include innocent lives
a commitment to human rights
has taken a distressing nose dive

So I am told I need to fear "the Donald"
resist him in anyway and in all degrees
by default there is one side of unlimited virtue
as if rough waters are the calmest of seas

With all the money spent on incarceration
enough to cover the costs of all college bills
some people need treatment not bars
pressing increases of prisoners with mental ills

The imperialistic presidency has been the norm
tracing back to McKinley's excuse to fight on Cuban soil
now we make fictious reasons to invade
masquerading the wants of imported oil

And domestic nonrenewable sources
fracking delicate and pristine terrain
while lead is in the water from tap
now tell me how such a policy is sane

But I am suppose to be all on board
so a woman can be in control
well I say we need to look at more then gender
not the only dissenter if you look at polls

Ask Britain about the rule of Margaret Thatcher
espoused with a Brit's accent "trickle down" to the hilt
not caring about lower income workers
upon whose backs the country was built

What is wrong with a turn of directions
time to let it "percolate up"
for the easiest way to combat violence and hatred
is to ensure all have at the minimum a solid cup

A utensil to provide for one's family
decent wages, health care, and education's path
for the status quo isn't lessening poverty's reign
just look at the disconcerting math

The wealth is so concentrated
income the determining factor in quality of schools
yet we will continue with our heads in the sand
like in Nero's time guided by educated fools

Wish even one person who wants to be in the Oval Office
would make an appeal to more then the fears
in danger of turning off another generation
guess I shall buy Bernie and his ilk a round of beers...

Written by JAZZMANOR
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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