Something aches
A tangled mess of blood and flesh.
Many hover around with keen interest
Laying on something I swore was ice
My body tensing with every second to pass
Eyes blood shot shrouded by darkness
Half my teeth bare nothing to hide
Tongue lays limp to the red odorous goo
Yet I'm well aware of every prod and poke
Youth lyes within
An old ragged shell left for the birds
My nose only a pair of las serrations
A science experiment for the naive
Only if they could see my expression
To know how I am or what I see
What is left
What will never be freed from there minds
They did not wish this on me
Only a fool I was to put my body here
In this cold, dark, dreary place.
I look to my left
A bright young man
Dressed in white with the world ahead
I will be the first of many patients for him
To my right
Another young man trying to hold his lunch
My current mangled form will haunt him
Drive him away from science and towards a darker life
Eventually they both will end up on this same slab of ice.
Neither truly ready but still endures
Yet, today is my turn and I'm not ready either
My life was not great, but I've had my days
I have loved
I have lost
Today I just lost another battle
Tomorrow will never come
My existence will be hollow
Today I try to find a way
Either to heaven or hell
All I do know
I must move on so someone else can have there turn
Tonight, I watch myself burn
I will go somewhere I'll finally belong
Written by DEMONLOVE
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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