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TbT....2.2 Seconds

I am 2.2 seconds
I did not need you I wanted you.
Living, breathing, surviving, providingÖ
10 years strong and continuing to do so.
Slick mouth lip poppin nigga I am.
Too much pride maybe my problem, but I am as genuine as they come
Ride to the end; work harder then the average nigga thatís slangin dope for the nigga thatís posted up at home playing the Xbox one
Thick skin yes I got it, its thicker then teflon, and rougher then wool.
Duplicate me you cannot, many have tried and failed.
I am one of a kind peep my birth certificate it says that there was only one boy.
I spit lyrics like a champ; I break niggas down with words that they cannot comprehend.
I got bitches thinking of me in their sleep while their niggas are sitting silly as they wonder what I got that they donít have.
I am telling you I am 2.2 seconds
Hard as the ground that you walk on.
I am not fazed by the stones that are being casted at me.
I eat the heartache for breakfast and shit it out by lunchtime.
Iím always ready
Life isnít nothing compared to the shit that I face
Head held high eyes focused straight at the one point that would take you out of the game
I am who I am and for whatever reason it is
I still got niggas hating to this day
Need you for what?
Want you for what?
I am tired, yet unwilling to back down.
Fall back for what?
I have been used and abused, looked down by people that are no better then me.
My love has been taken, broken down to nothing and handed back to me like it was trash that has been sittin in the dumpster for about a year or may two.
Take it for what its worth, see me how you see me.
Like a big dose of Gin my only purpose is to fuck up your train of thought so I can cause confusion before the night is up.
I am 2.2 seconds and in that amount of time I have just given the world my ass to kiss once again.
Hate it or love it, it is just apart of the game that me and everyone else playís.
If you donít like me now then bitch you didnít like me before.
Written by BlkLyrycE
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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