The Rain Melts Everything I See

Rain melts everything I see  
As it falls    
Collecting on my window    
Her face melts    
Running down in streaks    
Her body melts    
Disorienting me    
Her features are unrecognizable    
I must invite her inside    
Imagine what she may look like once she's out of the rain    
I open my door to her and she steps into my home    
Her features are perfectly clear now    
Her features are perfect    
She is perfection my mind could never even fathom    
Her long champagne blonde hair drenched    
Her dark eyeshadow smeared down her cheeks and onto her rose lips, like she has been in tears    
Green eyes stare into mine, glowing with something strange    
For what?    
Her white, flowered summer dress is completely soaked  
All of her features are revealed from the rain in my home when all is not melting through my window    
Perky breasts and erect nipples protrude and reveal themselves through thin cloth    
Slender physique shining from the rain    
She is missing her panties as her dark bush rests amongst the cloth    
Her skin is tight and covered in goosebumps, she is cold to the touch as I offer her my hand, she takes it    
I lead her down the hall to the bathroom    
Im about to ready a hot bath for her    
As I look back to her, she has removed her white, flowered summer dress    
In her natural form, I cannot look away    
Something glows in my eyes now    
For what?    
She offers me her hand, and I take it    
Leading me to my bedroom further along the hall    
We enter my room    
She opens the covers of my made bed, and crawls in    
She will be warm now    
But she stares at me    
And I stare back    
No words are needed as I undress myself and crawl into my bed    
She is so cold, she shivers underneath the blankets    
But I have a feeling that this bed will soon burn to the ground    
My skin touches her skin and creates a spark    
A spark ignites a flame    
We're on fire now    
In flames    
Hot as hell    
The rain couldn't put us out    
We keep each other warm and dry; when all is cold and wet from the rain
Written by Nicolassy
Published | Edited 16th Oct 2017
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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