Gifts in tiny origami swans

i: (haiku)
a chorus of tree frogs
for a sunset song of green
ii: (senryu)
I want to be a cricket
in your pants
and rub your leg with mine
iii: (haiku)
solstice moon
I stand at ocean's edge
which stone is mine
iv: (tanka)
ghost town storefront:
faded words read
"purveyor of spirits  
and fine wine"
v: (tanka)
jungle drums,
exotic bird calls,
the park's playground
and the natives  
are restless
vi: (senryu)
I'm a flower
the sun coaxes open
to be gathered
vii: (tanka)
I don't wear slips
but if I did
they would shimmer,
the way you  
make me shiver
viii: (tanka)
like migratory birds
we go where  
the sun will have us  
until clouds  
roll in again
ix: (haiku)
I brush my long hair
till it shines
an ink-black river
x: (tanka)
a robe  
for one
wrapped around two
sloughs as we turn
as one
xi: (tanka)
neither modesty
nor the walls
can deny the cadence  
of our passion
xii: (senryu)
the moment arrives
my breath hangs over his
watching summer's moon
xiii: (senryu)
a warm night dances with stars,
a warm night of stars
dancing on my skin
xiv: (senryu)
delve your faith deep,
as the potter into the clay
on his wheel
xv: (senryu)
birds reveal the sky to us
we beget the moon
xvi: (tanka)
I contemplate him
in needful repose;
a nebula seen
edge on
xvii: (tanka)
resonating in the
warmth of  
a late afternoon—
the earthy taste
of his grappa
xviii: (tanka)
tiny energies—
within my dreams,
or are they
your fingertips
xix: (tanka)
this night,  
as still as I've known
but for one bird
who trills: "come to me,
will you? will you?"
xx: tanka)
when he's away,
I'm a june bug
against a screen
on a summer's night
xxi: (tanka)
cups of green tea
the passions—
we study for final term
xxii: (tanka)
I wear a pendant
of a dragonfly
entombed in amber—
will you remember me?
©2016 Jade Pandora. All Rights Reserved.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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