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Image for the poem Twisted Land of OZ II

Twisted Land of OZ II

(The Munchkins)
 “My village had peace and had tranquility
Until the East Witch and Dorthy came acting motherfuckin silly,
 “The Witch caught a front porch straight to the dome
And after dealing with Dorthy shit, that ho’ needed to go home,
 “Popping that pussy butt-naked in the town square
We never seen shit like that, so all we could do is stand and stare,
 “Dorthy giving up pussy from doggy to Kansas style
You can call it OZ’s version of ‘Munchkins Gone Wild’,
 “But as sure as a Munchkin has much head and ass
This shit Dorthy was pulling couldn’t motherfuckin last,
 “So we sent her down the yellow brick
To pop that pussy In Emerald City, because the Wizard like that fuck shit.”

 “Curiosity hypnotized the Munchkins when they looked under my skirt
Now they wanna exile me, because this pussy put them to work,
 “The Munchkins needed to be careful what they wished for
Because they didn’t know they were dealing with an undercover whore,
 “They mad as fuck, because I turned their whole village out
But they wasn’t complaining when my pussy was connected to their mouth,
 “In my past, it was never any human dick but only bestiary
And I’m tired of the ‘barnyard party’ up in this pussy,
 “When the cyclone came, I came from my masturbation
And arriving in OZ is considered my personal vacation,
 “So to hell with a Munchkin being motherfuckin sensitive
I was only showing how a freak can truly live”.

(Flying Monkey)
 “I’m the number one henchman of the West Wicked Witch
That beat much ass than a bad child receiving a switch,
 “Any command the Witch gives is the law and legit
Meaning I’m diving on your ass-so you can bet on that shit,
 “My wings have that unlimited hang time
Or I can drop on a motherfucker, like a snitch drops a dime,
 “Grabbing that ass quick, then straight into the air
Then releasing you a mile up, now there’s shit and blood everywhere,
 “I’ll stick my tail up your nose and straight into the brain
Instantaneous retardation as you go ape-shit insane,
 “Hollowing in victory as I rock side-to-side to my own groove
Because with me ass-whoopins are already pre-approved”.

(Guardian of the Gate)
 “With the title of Guardian of the Gate I have to represent
And without authorization nobody’s getting in this bitch,
  “Always standing my post like a stone statue
So if you don’t like, kiss my ass and stuff your mouth with tissue,
“Now here comes Dorthy, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tin-man
Asking to see the Wizard, but I’m not giving a goddamn,
 “Like a wagon wheel I told them to roll the fuck out
They start acting a fool now I’m punching them in the mouth,
  “Five against one, knuckling-up on a sunny OZ day
But my MMA skills keep Dorthy and her crew at fucking bay,
 “Fighting at the gate has now poured into the Emerald City Street
Now I’m blowing my whistle becoming fifty motherfuckers deep”.

(Glinda the Good Witch)
 “I’m known by OZ citizens as Glinda the Good Witch
But my dark title is Glinda the Dominatrix,
 “When my wand turns into a whip and my dress to black latex
The ones under my care get the feel of my perverted sex,
 “My sex chamber is a twisted version of the throne room
Showing my victims how deep I can ride a witch’s broom,
 “Spiked heels on along with my demon-horned mask
And with my spiked strap-on I’m entering someone’s ass,
 “Either man or woman, because I’m gonna stand up in it tall
While their ball-gagged and chained to my magic wall,
 “Blood, cum, and shit will flow, because I’m a sick fool
And so sexually twisted you can call me Misses Deadpool”.
Written by CasketSharpe
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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