The Fantasic Lore: 'Shoe n The Man how it's Done'

Schmo-Dancer, tapped to a little tune that just kept dancing in his head pointing his toe to heel- heel
to toe, then he one hopped to the other side of the bed. High Heels looked on impressed by his  slick fleet of foot moves then she decided to show appreciation,  and gave her best 'cat walk' performance for him to peruse but he was oblivious to her attempts to cause his tongue
to flap in delight, because looking out a window his attention, had lasered  in on a curious scene in
the alley below the street light.

Depressed Shoe, removed his tongue from the side of his face
as he did.. a surprise not more
than a few yards away were his friends, Charlie, Buck-L, Dixie
and a bunch of  Nuts and those  Screwy guys!
D-Shoe quickly knew he had to inform them of a plan, a plan that would forever alter this world and the balance that stood tediously on the harmony between them and The Man! Mustering up what little ability he had to sound less blue
he gave a holler, "Hey you guys! remember me? huh, Depressed Shoe?"

Dixie was the first to motion him over, as the crowd of Screws and Nuts along with Charlie and Buck-L cheered him as their savior and treated him like a four leaf clover.
Buck-L blurted out quickly, "Shoe your timing is impeccable!"  do you mind terriblly giving us a ride?" we need to meet up with Straw and String and with your help we'll be there because you walk with a long stride.
Depressed Shoe obliged and as many products as could all eagerly hopped inside.

Schmo-Dancer took the entire scene in then with a sly grin called to his friend(Shoe)
"Boss, you need to take a look at this, come see what's happening"
Shoe, stared with tongue flapping wildly breathing heavy and slow burning in anger
"So, he really did it ehh? Depressed Shoe and that mixed up crew have no clue of the danger!" Then spinning around swiftly he directs his platoon of misfitted shoes..
"Listen up and listen closely his eyes seeming to pop out in 3-d
 " they're FOOLS, FOOLS!  I tell you if they think they can tangle with me!"  
all fell deathly silent, as The Man(who previously lay cowered behind his couch slowly  stood up and asked quivering, " What's all the shouting about, what did you see?"
Shoe, jumped towards 'The Man' landing inches from his calloused big toe in a single leap! "You? you my friend are going to be the vehicle that drives me and my 'Power Platoon' on a mission, a mission of payback..because REVENGE is what we seek!!
Written by Poetikmind (_---_)
Published | Edited 7th May 2016
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