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nuit du loup

…would love be more gentle in the arms of a beast…

she had been hurt. severely. & this wasn’t the first time. she had
come to realize that she was not capable of being loved. men
would use her till they had their fill, then she’d be alone again.

she was in her car now, driving very fast, with no destination nor
plan. after many miles, the sun was gone, & the highway had
succumbed to a simple dirt road. the bright moon held her
transfixed as she drove, & the smooth streaming of the headlights.

suddenly, some creature seemed to leap in front of her; she heard
it scream as she hit it. her vehicle swerved, & she felt a vague
dizziness. then there was silence, & the inevitable blackness.

when she awoke, she was in a bed, a blanket over her & her head
bandaged. there was a man in the cabin; tall, broad-shouldered, &
for a moment she was afraid. but it hardly mattered what his
intentions were, she wasn’t saving herself for anything.

he gave her a thick soup to eat; it nourished her & revived her
curiosity. he told her a few things: how he had been here a long
time, how he had lived in his van while he built the cabin. but he
didn’t reveal how he hunted. how he killed.

of his hunting, he remarked that he did it on certain nights, &
she’d be safe in the cabin. one evening, he went out before the
moon rose. she did some arranging in her feminine fashion, ate
grapes, & slept.

at dawn, she awoke as he came in. he was somewhat soiled &
sweated from the hunt. he tore the cover off her roughly. this was
the first time he approached her, but she made no effort to
conceal her nakedness.

he came upon her in a controlled savagery; his hands groping her
willing flesh, his mouth biting without wounding, as she felt a
strange heat. she opened her legs, & he grunted as he entered her.
she was stunned by the depth & girth of his impaling, so much so
that she wept for the wonder of it.

as she rocked with his rhythm, she felt utterly desired. & beyond
that, she felt splendorous quivers sparking in her dew-dropped
petals, a previously undiscovered benevolence. her tears assured her
that, at last, she was a true woman.

she caressed him firmly as he released his passion, & when he did,
he roared! after moments, he held her tightly & whispered words he
never expected to say, an endearment she never hoped to hear  –

simply & amazingly this:  I love you.

and so it went. she understood that in time the fierce identity of the
beast that ruled him might destroy her,

but she knew, she would never leave him…

(Artist unknown)

Written by JohnFeddeler
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