Wrong from Right

It is time to tell my story
you deserve to know how I was treated and how I lived and why I moved and did so many sins

I was born of not the father I thought the one I did not care he could rot

Even though he did care
That could not make up for what he did when I was there

My brother Mark and Tyler a pair from half my blood
the blood never to be in the same in these veins
it will never run
my father so cruel he will never know how many times I wanted to pull the trigger of this loaded gun

I start my story with my father. I was born a childs parent but when they departed as a boy I took this only halfhearted

It did not phase me till I was older only to see the Hate In My Father's Eyes
the only thing I thought was his blood and mind had different tides

At a early stage I started to steal it was the only thing I felt that was real

I lied through my teeth I put myself in a hole so deep

Punished for my crimes but it only made me want to do it more his home was my open store

I stole from my brothers and my friends in the end I could not see what whould happened i defend

I would try to get them in trouble only thinking I did nothing wrong but out of my deep mining hole I sung a song of Lies

My father would find out my lies he would punish the crimes he would hit me like there was a fly in the sky

He would beat and beat until I was on the floor he would whisper in my ear as he would pick me up and throw aginst a door

He would get so close that the wall would form to my back
 then off in the distance you would hear the paddle 
 smack whack and crack

I would go to school and no one would care even though there would be a million that would stare

It wasn't the bruises that hurt it was my pride that I could not stand up to a monster that I called my dad embarrassed i would cry

Not even the teachers ask questions of home but the question would linger in the air it would roam

People did not know what went on in my my house
Did they care probably not they mostlikely got aroused

My monsterous  father would Smile as I walked within the doorway he would ask me how was my day I would lie and say my day was fantastic his smile said it all he was as fake as plastic

That night my stepmother and my father would scream and yell I felt like a prisoner Within my cell

As I would hear the heavy footsteps climb the wooden stairs I would wince with every footstep that would get louder and louder as it came closer to my room I hid knowing what was to come

The door slammed against the shattered window from the morning before he in the doorway he stood he clinched an item I knew what was in store

He says come out but I stayed hidden under the bed he spoke up and he said you won't like me when I come to get you. him drinking the beer that gets his belly fed

He dropped to the floor  with bloodshot eyes I was so scared that water rain from my eyes

He reached under the bed to grab me out but I was too far back then he grabbed the bed and pulled it towards them and threw the bed on top of my back

The beer in his eyes of beer never satisfying his lingering hunger but he left the room

I fell asleep knowing not to move I fell asleep and what felt like a hundred pounds the morning arose with the yelling of a familiar sound

Back Sore but pulled my bruised body from the wreckage my father left I fell over when I tried to take a step

My brother's caught me and set my bed back I felt my brother's arms and i collapsed feeling weak I would Shake cry and weep

But the pain did not hurt it only Made Me Stronger with each passing bruise

The days were long but got worse every night I Grew Older but still no urge to fight

I learned threw the years of abuse that I would never make someone hurt the way I did especially an innocent kid

This is my story of 16 years of abuse physical mental and never would fight you can say what he did was not right but it made me who I am and made me have the right to do what I do and not hurt people .not justifying what he did was right but just saying it taught me wrong from right
Written by Shatteredheart
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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