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The Book Of 6 Short Poems Part V

[1]: I'm Sorry
  It's been six months since we've spoken to each other,
  Breaking up hurt not only me, but you as well.
   One day I got that call from you on my voice mail as you told me it was time I come over to pick up my stuff.
I cringed at the thought of seeing you again, but decided to let my stubborness subside for one day and left a message on your voice mail that said I was on my way over. As I came over you handed me a box of the things I owned, taking it all in as I just stared at the box of memories.
Suddenly faking my true emotions wasn't working so we ended up arguing. You started yelling and I started crying then stopped as you tried to remind me of the times we were still happy.
Laughing about it together while exchanging innocent, but lustful looks at each other.
One thing led to another and next thing you know we were kissing so passionately,
Holding each other for dear life while gasping, sighing, and moaning in such ecstasy.
You picked me up and took me to the bedroom.
Ripping off each other's clothes while pushing me down on the bed.
Getting on top of me as you took control.
Feeling you inside me,
So big, I thought I could barely open wide.
As you stroked it in and out you whispered in my ear in a sexy voice " so tight"
Damn you just knew how to make it moist.
Making such crazy love in between the sheets,
As we're in heat you look deep in to my eyes and say you're sorry.
At the height of my climax I said I was sorry too then collapsed breathlessly into your arms.

[ 2]: Animal
Got you in my sight,
Yep you've captured my senses,
Chances you won't put up a fight once I make you mine.
Your looks are so devine to me.
Your juices are as sweet as wine to me,
Let me make you my personal slave.
Obey to my every desire, give into my sexual fire as you blow it out and ignite back up,
Light it up and dare to touch, but be careful not burn yourself.
Don't be a tease or you'll get whipped.
Please me,
Release me, but don't try to tame me.
Love my body like a cannibal and I'll be your wild animal.

[3]: Dance With Me
Tonight I am yours,
We can let our love show on the dance floor,
Now I won't be letting go,
So hold onto me tightly.
Pegarse en mi cuerpo para salvar las vidas
Show me every move that you know.
Work me every way you can,
Swoop me up and wrap my thighs around your waist.
A continuación, poner tu cara justo debajo de mi cintura.
Move along with me,
And let me feel your rhythm rock into me.
Calmar su disco amor profundo dentro de mí
Feel the sweat beat against us as our body heat rises.
Staring into my eyes while my thighs tighten around you.
Feeling up and down my body then letting your hand grab a feel of my bottom.
Tener en tus manos y rogar que me lo de
Vibe inside me,
Make me see the light!.
Just vibe inside me,
Grind inside me,
Make me see the light!
Just dance with me!.

[4]: Jelly
Tasty like sugar can't help, but not resist you.
I want to be your midnight temptress,
Your favorite seductress,
Your vivacious one and only lady.
So tell me, do you think you're ready for my jelly?.
Look at her over there tell me does she have that yoncé?, does she have that Janet?, does she have that J.Lo?
Hell no.
So tell me boy, what's it goin' to be.
Don't you like what you see?,
Don't you want me?.
Wearing nothing, but my high heels on?
Leaving the lights on so you can watch me wiggle it n' jiggle it as you tickle me down south?
Give you a taste with your mouth?.
So tell me, do you think you're ready for my jelly?.

[5]: I Wanna Be Yours
I wanna be your lover,
I wanna treat you right,
Love you each and every night.
I wanna be yours,
Show you I can do it better than any other,
I wanna be your fantasy,
The kind that you dream about every night.
I wanna love you harder and show you sometimes rougher is a just a little bit better.
I wanna really do it to you right.
Give you the ride of your life.
Love you like I'm your wife, but fuck you like I was your mistress.
I wanna be yours,
Let your key open up my door,
Let you turn me on,
Turn me out all night long.
Show you the bliss of how my mouth feels.
I wanna be yours.

[6]: 5 AM
Stumbling into the house at five o'clock in the morning.
Tipsy and topsy turvy.
Walking into the kitchen as we hand fed each other chips then kissing each other's lips.
We got a little frisky as we felt each other up,
Your hands went past my hips and down in my pants.
Moaning and groaning,
I need your body now.
Sweeping me up and off my feet you lay me down on the kitchen counter.
Spreading my legs while you dine on me,
Tasting me as you licked every inch inside.
Squeezing on my thighs as your sexy brown eyes penetrated mine as I watched you suck and lick on me.
You then stopped and entered inside me.
Pounding in and out of me,
Thrusting like a mad man while smacking my ass hard.
dang, you're doing everything right!
Then finally you combust inside me as you sigh in relief.
While breathless I say " damn, I love doing it at 5 AM"
Written by MsRockyJackson
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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