Heat Seeker (Fire Found)

 I must have this woman.
She is the source of the fire that I seek.

I could no more turn away from this path than Prometheus could have foregone his journey to steal fire from the Gods of Old. Consequences be damned . It is she that I need.

I must have this woman.
I am going to have this woman.
This need will not be denied

I want her to touch me with her soft fingered hands. I want to feel her stomach press tightly against me as her back arches sharply while she holds my manhood captive in the prison 'tween her thighs.

I want her so caught up that she's unable to keep her eyes open as the force of our kiss steals her breath away and locks us together as one. I want to hear the soft moans and squeals that escape through her lips as her breasts fill my fingers and hands.
I want this woman on her knees, on her back, on her face, in my lap, and on my lips.

I want her in front of me as my teeth nip her shoulders and her hands clench the sheets and she pushes her ass back my way.

I want this girl prone. Stretched out in pleasure, face buried in a pillow with her feet 'round my ankles while her back grinds against my chest as she squirms while I nibble on her neck. Want her arms reaching ahead of her and her hands searching open space, grabbing and clutching empty air.

I do want to feel her heels pressed tight on my ass as her arms squeeze my body and her tongue fills my mouth with the intoxicating wine of her kisses as her hands clasp my neck.
I need her back in my palms while each thrust that I make is met by a passion fueled lift of her beautifully curved ass and perfect, full hips. Feeling the shivers that run the length of our bodies.

I love the feel of her fiery, wet mouth as her tongue travels my body in the moonlight. I swear. Heaven could be no better to me than when she licks slowly to the end of my hardness then inhales me fully with her lips and throat to send my body into spasms that make my neck bend back quickly, my hands twist and grip, and my head bang the bed while my feet drum rapidly on the floor.

I love when this woman is all on my lips. Her sweet mouth is Heavenly. Her shoulders tantalize my sense of taste. Her breasts, back, and hips are amazingly delicious to me. I want more of her honeyed juices. More of her hands stroking my face while her thighs rest at my shoulders.
As I deeply explore the place from which her nectar flows, I feel her respond to my touch and the zeal with which I profess my love of her flavor and taste.

We're both on the clouds and walking the skies,
traveling towards Heaven,
she with me, the both of us,
each the other's guide.

I love it.
I love her.
I love losing touch with the world around me.
I love the bliss of knowing of nothing but the sheer pleasure that ensues when she and I come together this way.

I am blessed.
I'm in bliss.
I have her.
And the heat that I sought is now mine.

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