The Mirror Cracked

Looking in the mirror I see it start to crack
I stare even harder but itís not me whoís staring back
I see A five year old with one black swollen eye
Who finds it hard to look at me and all he does is cry
A split lip, a broken arm, he looks like heís been fighting
Itís obvious he lost the fight and now is very frightened
I want to help, I want to care, I ask him let me try
But he says the man who did this is a bigger man than I
Great big arms, great big fists, full of God led rage
Itís just that Iíve been bad again its in that bible page
ĎTell someone, anyone, somebody you trust
Tell the truth, do not fear, for this is so unjustí
He then looked up at me, a forced a painful smile
Itís best that I keep quite now, heís sleeping for a while
Looking in the mirror, it gains a single crack
As I realise the crying child was me just looking back.

Looking in the mirror, I see another crack
A child of six with frightened eyes is now whoís looking back
ďCan you hear the voices, can you hear the screams
My mother isnít well right now, sheís crazy so it seems
Itís not her fault, the things she does, the rubber hose and rope
The voices make her do it, without the drugs she just canít copeĒ
She says she wants to love me but I am evil in Godís sight
The voices say Iím worthless, I suppose they could be right
I want to run away now, Iím ready to defy
But every time I argue back, she then decides to cry
ĎTell somebody, anybody, someone that you loveí
He says he been praying hard for angels from above
He then looked up at me and gave a mighty sigh
They havenít come to rescue me no matter how I cry
The mirror gains another crack, I want to let it be
I look into his frightened eyes and realise itís me

Looking in the mirror another crack appears
A child of eight and so depressed, looks older than his years
I ask him how heís doing now, and why he looks so blue
He said the angels never came for him, heís not sure what to do
Men of cloth with crosses came, a laying on of hands
They said he had to let them in, itís what your God commands
If he told his father, They said that heíd go to hell
he held another secret, Dadsí been doing this as well
The pain involved, the force it took, I wanted it to stop
Iíd reached a final breaking point, for death, this life Iíd swap
ĎTell somebody, anybody, someone that you loveí
There seems no point in praying hard for angels from above
He then looked up at me his shoulders gave a shrug
Thereís nobody for me to tell, no one that I love
The mirror gains another crack, I wish I had the key
To release the child from suffering then I recognise, heís me

Looking in the mirror another crack appears
A child of twelve so broken yet still he perseveres
Iíve spoken up and now they tell me everything is finished
And yet the pain of dirty deeds does not yet felt diminished
Quiet now, the deals been done, if not theyíd could do worse
Despite the fact I took a stand, Iím still easy to coerce
He said Iíll take these memories and lock them in my vault
I donít want any trouble now, itís probably all my fault
So much to bear for one so young, so long on bended knee
I couldnít look him in the eye or unchain him to be free
ĎTell somebody, anybody, make them pay for what theyíve doneí
It never can be over if all you do is run
The mirror gained another crack, offenders off scot-free
I knew, inside a deep dark place, it was really only me

I looked inside the mirror today and not a single crack
I looked hard at the reflection, only me just looking back
Tired of looking, the worse for wear feeling so downcast
An honest vision of who I am with no ghosts now from the past
I ask myself, ďAre you still here? You should have gone by nowĒ
Every days a struggle and I muddle through somehow
I question motives every day should I go on and why
Most days, but not yet every one, Id rather live than die
The ghosts of past have gone now for a short while all is still
I know that they will be back soon, and all against my will
The road ahead is frightening and to any man is daunting
I need to find peace of mind from this daily haunting
Behind the pain and suffering a clown full of wise cracks
In reality though, an ageing man who caused the mirror cracks
I walk away, my reflection stays from the other side it stares
still looking for loveís compassion and somebody who really cares

Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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