ouroboros ~ {collaboration with DiscipleofLife}

take my hand small one
leave shade behind and let
us pretend love wasn't meant
to be a cage constructed from
the reasons why you've always
been incapable of wearing a
smile on your heart

instead choosing to wag the dragon
by its tail; within a staunchly devoted
grin lie the answers to why you still
find yourself tip-toe-ing while wielding
righteous fists poised to run amok
because they will never be under full
restraint of any master

a hearts freedom swept beneath a welcome
mat of forgotten moments; discarded
among another treasure-trove kept secret
you linger once more for tomorrow choking
down memories of dead seasons just long
enough to give yourself one more chance to
wade through those monsoons of Autumn; to go
on weaving gossamer dreams meant to catch lies
with your name as you shiver and bleed trying
to resurrect shaded remains of your innocence

every falsehood has brushed its pearlescent sheen
on my cerus hopes,
those transient daisy chain holdovers from sunlit days now cast aside
to wither in the penumbra of disillusionment;
all that was nave
braided into
a euphorbia burden ~
... i wear the rumors
like dented armor,
nailing whispers into bone
until misery & truth
meld under my skin
{anything to keep
curious eyes blind}
to what's left in  
clastic enclaves ...  
& i do not care
for the emotions
that paint me as
someone who feels
more than i should
before it's too late
to hide it all
so deep down
i can forget
{for a time}  
that i've known
hurt ...  
... though i wear this face, this stoic mask, you see the stain  
of years more clearly {perhaps because rather than in spite of}
every fear that shackles my heart to silence beneath my ribs
every tentative reach & retreat of my hands; who am i
if i forget there's no reason left to fight monsters long fled
from daylight
Written by _shadoe_ (katyusha)
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