All Day, Everyday

I collected what I should've avoided, inspected what was cloistered, never expected the noise and sense---but spiritual kleptos were soooo poignant so this sexual clairvoyant knowingly slept with the insane  
Elements remain of essential claims, eventually everything drains. And I just HAD to tap into every hood's Central Brain for incremental gains  
Clench and release, mental breeze, no two mentals are the same. Jigger the game, riddled and maimed, stick to the lane, reconfigure your frame.  
Testament to grabbing your real name. First lesson of Big Daddy Kane  
Felt me? Prolly not. Melting Dali clocks. Knelt before Ozzy rock. "All my life I been over the top. I don't know what I'm doing all I know is I don't wanna stop!"  
Since early on, learning sleights and balms instead of right and wrong. Discerning frights and songs. Everyday losing sight, every night choosing to fight. Burning 'til dawn since I was young.  
Come around with the sun. Backtrack "What Dreams May Come". Learned from KRS-ONE, hid back the way, playing dumb.  
Because nobody wanted to hear a lil' one spouting his gums.  
Riled from too many hoods, wilding out and never doing as I should. Such was my childhood. Life wasn't warm and steady but I was born ready!  
Earned oddity-breeding, trusting in "No fate needing", adjusted to every beating. As such, got keen at body reading. Unlucky condition...  
Far past the crust of wishing. My only prayer was "Fuck the system!" Nobody was listening.  
Nowadays enter the dissenters. I caught the scent and got bent where social intuition was lent. Coasting into the present. Scoping the mission for which I was sent.  
Don't stand too near blazing stars. Fuck it, I will, but I'm here to raise the bar! Every day I'm going too far.  
Any day might be my last so clever plays are just staying the path. Bold minds hold the line all the time. That's how I spear my roll. Never fear Charon's toll, span of crushing all I'm near.  
Nothing is as it appears. I can handle that clear, anti-hero is the closest I ever came to a fairy tale. But I slay the crazy, raised in the 80's so I parry acid hail with graphic detail!  
Follow the math and borrow facets of every Beowulf Alpha Male--composites laid the mold before it went cold. That's how a self-made man blueprints his road!  
If you're a fellow trickster you'll know how the Yellow Brick trips chodes into only sticking to the shit they know. I always been self-owned so I got the cojones to go deep into the unknown  
Prone to stroll down the calm center of a cyclone. A million miles later I finally succumbed to Dial-a-Prayer and only got a dial tone! Not what I was hoping...  
But pessimism is just an emotion, not a philosophy so I got that off of me, said "Fuck it! If nobody's home? I'll find the Divine on roam!" That's how I riddle testaments off the dome with hidden messages in every poem.  
If my shit flew over your head than for your ears it wasn't said. But if you catch me out in real life? Don't give me strife.  
Don't think twice about pulling your gun or knife. No bull I'll remove your device. Soon as it shows? One slice will leave you like Van Gogh! That's what happens to the foes of Southside's emergence of Cyrano!  
No stress to get above frets, match any bet, practice with sticks, sashes, hatchets and axes, getting a buzz from every test. Ask my lovers and enemies if I've exaggerated yet!  
Dragons crept to hatch eggs from my chest and like a bulimic Phoenix I release those ethereal pets in every breath  
Bubble gum, muddled dumb and pop is for the numb who never wept. Jazz and blues is for the fast cats who over-paid dues so between me and you? Real recognizes real and I don't need to reveal those I see right through  
Some things introductions instantly show, other times seduction is just a way of getting to know, but what stays connects nodes like a growing Mangrove!  
So there's no end to the trip, and extended friendship is me catching the true sense, roaming the scene, honing in on the blueprints of my homies and Queens, taking the time to awaken, staking inspiration from what everyone's been making  
Hence I don't compete with any but myself, but enemies are an appetizer because I'm no wiser than to beat the cards I was dealt, that's how the slag from steel is smelt!  
No brag, no warning, come with harmony or catch a welt, take 5 steps and re-check your health. Mull on the echo'ing sound, everything comes around in the human chorus  
That's later, the equator of Ouroboros belt. Singularity of consciousness means the tingles that blossom are everywhere felt.
Written by LokiOfLiterati
Published | Edited 4th Jun 2016
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