three sides to every story

What two people remember
Two people live the same situation
Together mind you
How there's three sides to every story.
My version, your version , and the truth,  
I never Candy coated my shortcomings
I know I've lived selfishly   I hate to use a crutch
But I was on drugs and at times I let my dependence
Make choices for me rather than my heart or mind
But unfortunately I'm  human and prone to mistakes
 😈 I know I deserve nothing  but the middle finger
But I thought if you could have a real life with your dad
cause he was living right and I wasn't  do you think
I didn't cry myself to sleep every night
What if I said that I was sorry what if the past I recall
Are totally differant from how you remember?
I never wanted to cause you pain I just thought that the good
Would keep you but apparently you only remember
What I did wrong would out weigh any good I ever was
I'm truelly sorry and the fact that the wedge it would instill
I may never beable to dislodge , I'm so sorry but regret can't
Rewind time and so we don't want to cause  each other pain
You judge me in small attacks verbally what you really think
Slips out and you words cut me down at my knees
Like a punch in the gut knocks the wind out  of ya but in the end all I can say
Is there's three sides to every story
My version ,your version and the truth.    And I'm sorry for all the pain
That was never my intention ,
I thought I was letting you go to better than I could ever provide,
Well I know I can't try and remind you cause memories can't hold you
When  I didn't  and a million apologies  can't a broken heart mend  
Written by diablia363 (Alisha Ranstrom)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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