Why do we want what we can't have?

Story time...

They say that love will find you when you least expect it,
They say love is pain so I say we're all cursed with a blessing,
When I sit down to write I see you on every page,
I'm a man I'll make mistakes but for you I'll change my ways,
See I'll try for you cause I know you're my kinda perfect,
But love has different ideas it's like I don't deserve it,
Why can I hear ya voice up on my brain, (on my brain)
And why do I get butterfly's when I hear ya name,
Why do I fantasise about you and me, (you and me)
And why do i need you for my heart to be pure and free,
But it's like I knew from the start you was gonna hurt me,
Though I had 100% faith in you I knew one of us wasn't worthy,
So who else can I blame but myself, (but myself)
I still got all the letters you sent me on my shelf, (on my shelf)
Maybe I'm the problem... Maybe there is something wrong with me,
Maybe my love for you was a little bit to strong for thee,
Wish I could find the reason why I'm so set on you,
Though I'm grateful I wish that I never met you!

Cause girl I swear you are the yin to my yang,
You're the reason I can wake up smiling its true,
You got me fixated as I wish to be ya man,
But it can never happen so why do I keep on fighting for you,

Why have I fallen in love? boys ain't supposed to fall in love,
Boys are supposed to hook up with random girls for a fuck,
Boys are supposed to brag about the girls that they tricked,
Boys are supposed to laugh about the hearts that they ripped,
Why do I love deep?
And why is my mind not at peace?
Why are you not my queen why are you not here with me?
And why do I miss you?
Girl why do I miss you?
I'm a grown man... Damn, why have I got this box of tissues?
I know it hurts but I swear to God love is the only truth truth,
My heart is on my sleeve I hope for thee that's enough proof,
My heart is fighting my mind and I can't deny it's winning,
Cause my heart is sure about you yet my head keeps on spinning,
I'm stressing daily and I'm debating whether to give up soon,
Torn between my heart and mind... Which one should I listen too,
I guess fate has it's ways of working out for the best... Huh,
I just wish I had the answers to all my stressful questions,

Cause girl I swear you are the yin to my yang,
You're the reason I can wake up smiling its true,
You got me fixated as I wish to be ya man,
But it can never happen so why do I keep on fighting for you,

And now I yearn to find love again knowing I should wait,
Got everybody worried cause I just stare out into space,
And wish about you,
Can't help but think about you,
They just can't, don't or won't understand there's something about you,
Because you're different, (yea different)
You're one in a million... Actually one in 7 billion,
How is it that you can give me this feeling,
I lay down on the floor and I just stare up at the ceiling,
And I just wish... yea I just wish that cupid,
Pays this girl a visit... Though I know it sounds so stupid I keep on wishing,
But I know this feelings rare maybe once in a lifetime,
I pretend I don't care but you can see it in my wide eyes,
Why was I blessed with this curse,
How can something as pure as love bring the most hurt,
I guess unless it's unconditional then love just won't work,
I wanna reach out to her but I know it's best to keep my feelings covert,
Why would fate show me something I can never have?
It give her to me... I fell in love and then it took her back,
What kinda love is this and why is it so haunting?
The girl I can't have is the girl I keep wanting...
Written by MrLimitless
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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