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Pissed off

This don't make no sense

thousands of people in the class room and don't nobody want to help

I'm pissed, the reason why we have falling schools because nobody want to give out a helping hand

they want to be all to their self

at the end of the day the ones that you are dissing are the ones you is going to need down the line

get off that bull shit and stop smoking pine or trying to rip some iron

get your education try to be something in life

it really pissed me off when you want to holler, fuss, and fight over some dumb shit

please don't call a nobody a bitch

some of these kids don't understand that school is cool

these kids these days are breaking all the rules

not helping each other and killing our own brother

its worse like the klu Klux Klan they was always trying to kill another man and raped the woman

in the black community we getting laughed at because of the songs they are putting out

listen the song they isn't talking about shit but killing a brother or fucking a bitch

these boys make it so cool to be a snitch

always telling and cry like little bitches

little home its time to be a man so go wash them dishes

man this shit get on my nerves i feel like I am going to bust out in tears

a job is just temporary but a career is for years

so how come the others races stick together but we can't

too busy being envy or loving the ones that others hate

its best to congratulate, instead of being a fake

we can stick together like peas and a pot

every time I love around my brothers never on top

being on top of the game is all about staying true

these young boys out here rapping about things they will never do

all these rap songs get on my fucking nerves

if you have to lie when you rap you are a fucking joke

get up and read book or go to school that is a good plan

something need to change

I am going deep like long range

there are so many out of town people running business they always investing

I don't want this to be end of world, lord please save me from all this madness

this generation is so twisted and wicked

these young people talking about I love you in a long distance †

some of these guys these days want to fuck a girl and put her on a mattress

take her money, don't call her until he want some that is some sad shit

so sad these young girls are addicted to some stupid shit

instead of doing it the hard way, you want to kill to get rich quick

that fast money is not good always youngster

I am too real, I am far away from a hater

I don't like it when a woman have allot of hair but still rocking wigs

its sad that you don't see too many fathers hanging out with their kids

how you going to ball and your kids don't have shit

in every community we need to step up and own businesses

stand up and take a stand stop the foolishness ok

if you don't know its not hard to be a man as long you have God on your side

ladies don't fall for that love because an old man told me that love means Legs open very easily, find the right person that is a good fit for you like the one I just found if you feel me do the bounce.

Deep threat

Written by deepthreat1490
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