"If 'Glovin' you is Wrong..." The Fantastic Lore

*This is the newest installment to an ongoing series of books I've wrote*

Scene: New York City, lower east side Manhattan, around 39th and 10th avenues...

Eugene trolled around the dark
alleys, and along the gutters, like
it was the most joyous place to be.
He was as usual 'lost...' looking for
something, yet unaware for what
ever he was trying to see.

At the hour he roamed though
his only company was the rats,
and occasional riff raff, who'd
normally accost a lone soul
wandering about, but the sight
of him only borne disgust and
a bewildered laugh.

You see, Eugene was a befuddled
mess, what happened to him was
anyone's guess. Though deep
inside HE himself knew, as the 'voices' returned along with the recurring images of a very maddeningly misfitted crew.

"Ssshhh... I kno! I kno!
Don't keep hasslin' me
on wad tu do!" He'd blurt aloud
to himself as he popped
his mangled coat collar, and
re-adjusted the tissue in his one shoe.

The hair under his toes kept pushin'
it to the back near the opened heel
as if it knew, an escape from that
kinda tortureous funk would be a
dream come true! While he was
bent over, his body odor seemed
to 'call' on something loitering
alongside a trash dumpster.

It had an apparent 'will' to suddenly
move, trance like towards Eugene.
As it inched ever closer, the instinct
got stronger, and this THING sensed
what it could mean. In one of those
moments of utter impossibly
impossibilities...Eugene felt-something, rub slowly on the back of his scaly hand. He looked down to his left, and there it was,
a small black, ratchet, four-
fingered GLOVE...and
clearly showing instant love

"This!?! This is it!" An obviously
emotional Eugene cried out in
euphoric disbelief. He somehow
knew now, his search was over
and a new chapter would begin
with his four fingered friend.

Picking up the glove, and carefully
pulling over his hand, at once they
each are filled with an unspoken
comfort, the fit perfect, and a fist
rises high..."From this moment on..."
(He babbles between tears and false
bravado...) "It's gonna be you and I!!"

Looks like the stage is set for something 'Fantastic' to go awry...

Written by Poetikmind (_---_)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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