Soapbox Edition #16: Mechanical God {Da Remix}

peep the preacher-predator  
preying on prayers  
selling theological bullshit  
straight outta the pulpit  
Mr.501C-3 culprit  
collecting government approved welfare  
using psychological warfare  
speakin in fraudulent tongues  
to a seance hung on charismatic conveyance  
workin the church like a convenience store  
with the band playin in sync  
to his sapiosexual idiosyncrasies  
the inconsistency of his spirituality  
and materialistic lifestyle  
immaterial to the throng of worshipers  
content with the lack of fulfilling content  
they just came to see the pastor perform  
his scheduled Sunday miracle  
as they pass the collection plate  
from left to right gettin hysterical  
from his lyrical manipulation of the word  
pimpin the holy ghost  
watchin it move from host to host  
passin out happy feet and hands raised in praise  
Mama Jack passin out  
her face glazed in sweat  
the choir singin back up  
for such a glorified liar  
i'd say he dancin like that  
cuz his pants must be on fire  
and auntie'd say 'lawd have mercy  
boy don't yu be startin no controversy  
up in hea,ya hea?'  
so i sarcastically apologize  
as they blindly idolize  
this man who would sodomize  
the minds of the weak every week  
every breath that he speaks  
is designed to align him with the divine  
his intentions were never of pure benevolence  
more of a clever transference of reverence  
to the reverend that is he  
this malignant tumor of humanity  
indignant..draped in vanity  
as if holier than  
cow to that..bow to that?  
pledge a vow to that?..never!  
might have to sever ties with the family  
intuition never lies  
so sacrifice the amity  
gotta listen to calling of the inner  
risk being called a sinner..a blasphemer  
but in the end  
the soul has got to be the winner  
for the boy who cried wolf  
amongst a wandering herd of sheep  
who is either truly sound asleep  
blatantly oblivious to the obvious  
or just too broken and afraid  
to take responsibility for the writing  
that is clearly written on the wall  
for all to see..
Written by Naajir
Published | Edited 2nd Sep 2016
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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