Behind the Veil

Behind the Veil      
     The veil hangs over her dark eyes concealing the flames of her passion. Men are fearful of her bewitching eyes said to render them helpless. I gaze at her hips swaying as the drums beat. Her dark thighs move in sensuous circles as she moves catlike through the smoky room. The men all are dazed by hookahs as they sit cross legged watching her. Their eyes hungry their obscene thoughts are reflected in leers.        
     Scheherazade rugs cover the floor as I step with bare feet through the sweet smoke of the hookahs. These fattened calves swill their liquor and drink in the smoke. They are left entranced as her belly button moves in and out pulsing to the rhythm of the drums. These sad old men do not know her as I do. They can’t see past the veil they have placed across the sun of her face. I have seen her dark eyes in the star lit night as she passed by my house. I have longed to caress her pomegranates till she is oozing sweet juice deep in her love nest.        
     She sparkles like liquid sunshine. Her belly undulates like a far off ocean with waves rolling into shore. Her navel ripples like that of an orange afloat in a barrel. My eyes follow her in her gypsy glitter.        
     Is it my imagination or is she looking at me? Although I cannot see her eyes I see her face aimed at my chest. She begins dancing faster moving closer to me. My heart beats like a frightened sparrow. Such a vision of beauty she is as brilliant as the flash of creation. A woman who could set a thousand ships to sail she is my destiny.        
     She turns and bounces her derriere so close I could kiss her cheeks. Yet I gaze with glazed eyes upon her supple flesh as she calls to me, a Bedouin waif summoning her lover with primal yelps. Her buttocks hypnotize me into deep delirium.        
     As the drums die down she vanishes phantom like behind the curtains. I follow her drawn like a bee to honey. She leads me to a room covered with cushions. Embroidered in them are images of Eden. Naked Eve hands the forbidden fruit to Adam. The serpent gazes on with reddened eyes.        
     Her veil falls from her golden face revealing her in regal splendor. Her eyes sparkle in lamplight. I am privileged to see her magnificence a wonder the men we left behind can only imagine. There is no changing course as I rise to her beckoning. She drapes me with veils till my eyesight is shaded in pink. Her hands grasp mine and I am drawn into her lair.        
     Her female force turns nude as she sheds her costume and bares herself to my prying eyes. I am eclipsed by her sun, as her garments fall off her leaving the bare origins of her mystery unveiled. We are in her boudoir, the gateway to deeper taboos. Her dance turns white hot with her nakedness an invitation to the mystery between her thighs. There a hint of her nether lips pokes out majestically from her raven curls. Each roll of her hips charms me to plant my seed into her fertile crescent.        
     She eases me onto the cushions. My body falls into hers as naturally as the sun falling into the horizon. She is open to me like a fruit split in half. Her sex is laid bare like the rose of Jericho.        
     My robe heaps at my feet. Her tongue falls over my lips leaving trails of smoke. I sink into cushions her legs wrapped around my thighs like a thick grape vines. Her scent is so cat like a lioness of the desert. Her muscles ripple in the lamplight. Her dark olive skin shimmers. Glittering beads of sweat adorn her hips and face. My hand journeys down her stomach. The same body which held the men captive is now mine. My tongue follows my hand the two playing her like a mandolin. Following the curve of her inner thighs I gently bite into her soft flesh.        
      My lips meet her flower with swift determination. I taste her spice filling my mouth with her mélange. Her hands press down on my head. I draw out her bud with my lips pressing her diadem of woman. The tip of my penis moistens with excitement. My masculinity is eclipsed by the sun of her beauty till she ascends into heaven. Her little death is a prelude to ecstasy as her ambrosia coats my sticky face. This is my act of worship in the divine church of the Goddess. The sacrament of my mouth on her sexual heart fills me with holy pleasure.        
     I rise from her steaming center. My lips meet hers as she licks from my mouth the essence of her body. The re creation of my soul is completed in her embrace. She teases my rear passage with a thickened shaft of ivory. I kneel and bow on softened cushions with my derriere raised. I hear the drums outside begin to beat again. I feel her thrust her appendage of love into my back orifice filling me to the rim grazing my prostrate with delicious fierceness. The drums, outside, beat wildly. My heart beats furiously.    
     Her hand snakes onto my balls with religious fervor. She cradles my family jewels like eggs fresh from the hen house. She cups me with fingertips soft as a serpent’s tongue. Her nails gently dig in.
     Like a cat stalking a mouse, she pounces on my cock and pumps. My balls melt into prunes while she deepens her deflowering of my virgin anus.
     The storm of my emotions compels me to submit to her completely. She brings me to the edge plunging me into a vat of fire. I am consumed by her as my body convulses with pleasure.  
     I hear the drums begin to die again. The evening is almost finished. She says, “I must go now”. With a kiss she leaves me. I am alone once more but warmed by the knowledge that what once was will be once more. When our orbits coincide again I will sink into her sun and die in her arms.
Written by goldenmyst
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