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Illusion of Opportunity

Never let your right hand know what the left hand is doing.
A simple saying that resignate in my memories of pursuing.
A better life through hard work and drive.
Doing all the right things to set up my constitution to survive.
High School college job then wife all obtainable.
Goals are welcomed to be conquered cause my power is sustainable.
I made it well except the wife but timing is still in play and understood.
So life itself not perfect but self made within myself pretty good.
So why do I feel this deep feeling of have been deceived.
As if my installation and make up has only been 95 percent me.
Like a lie was liven underneath watching eyes.
To see how I stray amongst the herd in thunderstorm skies.
Will he sell dope then in that case we got em.
SLAVE to the system and no father figure for recital.
Drop out of school, hey we make em a pesant under the oppressors rules.
Locked on survival tempted by excape and worn out from the journey.
Always attempting and trying and finding whats worthy.
Go to college we get em in dept and a starter kit of good luck.
We choose just so many to portray theres more than enough.
But it's not don't be blinded by societies plots.
Playing the role you've been constructed to be gets you got.
1 percent is what keeps dreams alive today not equality.
A false advertising of a we all can make it prophecy.
Then teach you self hate and status hate all in one.
Gender hate sexsuality hate race hate music hate style hate lifestyle hate and some.
All for the great distractions of tv to social media to current events evil forces.
Keeping you in the dark of satisfaction clinching onto basic impulses.
All the while you don't even see the plan.
Hell we won't even acknowledge there is one to conform again.
You making money wow you have your own business great you work hard fantastic you got it.
While the left hand is setting up that ceiling so far up funded by the sweat of people's profits.
Thus the Illusion of opportunity working in cycles.
The one thing in life that no doubt makes us rivals.
It's a race to the top that don't exist.
Climbing hills and mountains to arrive at dirt and piss.
By Kolin E.
Written by kolikole (kolin edwards)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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