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Barroom Ecstasy...A Goldenmyst Calamitygin Colab

John, I can't believe you want me to do this. I can't believe I'm here! A club like this. I have to admit I am turned on, I mean..look around. And I do see women I would enjoy asking over for us. So why not you? But from faithful loving wife to sex with a strange man in public in an evening? Ahh, I don't know if i can do this babe.  
Honey I want this for you. Variety is the spice of life. You deserve that spice. You worked and put me through college. You gave me whatever I wanted in bed.  
Yes baby, you got very lucky there..  
Remember you invited your sister for our ménage et trios. That was my 50thbirthday present. Your sexy little Sister laid out on our bed with a bow, Jesus Jen! And you trusted me. I certainly didn't pause...  
You are ten years younger than me. You need a tryst with a younger man. I know we have great sex, I can tell I please you. Every place we've lived the neighbors knew my name before I introduced myself because of your cat calls.  
John! Well...Yeah they do, I'm a screamer, and you know how to take me there babe. We do have great sex. I knew you felt nothing more than physical attraction for Sissy, I wasn't worried and God that was fun.    
But this kinda confuses me emotionally. Let’s go home honey. You’re the only man I could ever make love to.  
Jen, then go Fuck him and take me home and make love.  
Look at this guy at the bar. He’s so young and built. I bet he could fuck you into nirvana. I want to see. I want to see him inside you. Go take him darling, pick him up. He won’t resist, you look very sexy. I know you better than you know yourself. You do lust after him. I see it in your eyes.  
You know men separate sex and love. I think I can do that. As long as you want it, and you trust me sweetie? Then okay..  
Implicitly my love. No good screw could keep you from loving me. Just enjoy it. Hold nothing back from him.  
Then I will. I want you to watch. I’ll keep my eyes fixed on yours. I want this to be for you too. You’ve slipped this fantasy to me often. Sit with your lap under the tablecloth. I want you to get yourself off while seeing us.  
[She prances right up to the burly guy at the bar and puts her arm around him. What starts as a slow seduction heats up into a kiss. Her hand runs up his thigh, and she looks at John. He is watching intently. Soon she and the stranger  tongue kiss like there is no tomorrow, her eyes looking, making sure John sees. She slides in between the mans thighs. In their cover, she pulls up her skirt and slips her panties off. With easy movement she reaches into his private zone, unzips and pulls him out, turns and backs into his lap. She leans forward on the bar arching her bottom up and exposing it. Things move very quickly then. His cock is hard and sweaty. She watches her husband's hand move under the table as she guides him into her wetness with the confidence of a seasoned seductress. She works her ass against his lap, he strokes the base of himself as she grinds and she can feel how much this young man wants her. He is silent but breathing heavy. He reaches around to feel her and puts his fingers in her mouth to give her a taste of herself. This gives a power surge of heat to her pussy and when Jen sees John grin at the mans move to her mouth, She breaks. She Climaxes intensely, backing as far  as she can onto the man. He comes. She watches her husband hand as she feels the stranger's penis jerk fast into her. She watches as John's head lays back and his hand comes to a slow rhythmic halt.  
She fixes herself and walks directly up to John. She wants him bad, and decides to continue the fun. She squares her jaw and glares.]  
Mister I saw you jerking off under the table! Your face gave it away. Let me feel down there. God you made a mess. Did you like what you saw with me and the guy at the bar? You like to watch? Would you like a piece of my ass?  
Honey, it’s me your husband.  
No we’re strangers, meeting in a bar for the first time.  
Now I’m going to crawl under that table and blow you to smithereens. But first I am going to tongue clean up your jizzy mess. You are such a dirty man. But I likes my men down and dirty.
Written by calamitygin (Jennifer Michael McCurry)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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