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Don't Cry For Me

I heard you praying in purlieu of my light,    
while aghast filled your lungs before I...    
took my last breath.    
….and I know it created a void within a heart-    
gravely wounded by the pain of me leaving my    
earthly dwelling, causing a numbness    
that has desensitized you with sadness,      
making your steps hollow.    
Please don’t cry for me.    
I’ve lived a good life in vitality and in longevity,    
rooted in the passage of scriptures.    
My lovely bones rest in a new domicile      
in a Calvary box that was never meant to contain me~    
*because I’m not there.*    
I’m basking eternally in majestic splendor of angelic beauty      
not known to the living.    
My health is restored and there’s a hymn in my spirit    
and if you would just listen ….listen in quiet solitude;      
you can still hear the familiar sound of my voice.    
If you would just find peace in your slumber;    
you can still see my face and kiss my cheek in your dreams,    
or re-experience my laughter through déjà vu figments    
from the million memories I left behind.    
If you would just walk outside…    
you’ll find me in the warm breeze that bathe you in comfort,    
or the cold chill that swathe you in calm benevolent,    
or the rain that drench your skin in remembrance of me.    
If …you… would… just… breathe…    
you would discover that...    
I'm your air,    
…and not even death can change that.    
(In Loving Memory Of A Friend’s Mom)       
Written by rain1courtel (RainC)
Published | Edited 1st Apr 2016
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