Tag Me Radical?

The Bible Belt will tar and feather me if I walked major political scenes
maybe chart me as evil with pagan schemes
but I think a solid case can be made for legalizing adult sex
hopefully some logic in the following text

Now mind you I am the product of two social workers in full
if you have to categorize politics to left they did pull
admirers of Henry Wallace who would have had serious thoughts
about the decision to nuke Japan and what later events brought

And they left the donkeys' party for many years
coming back only when Tom Bradley tried to extend his career
dad had the chance to visit Europe and the health care systems abroad
was a decon in a church, like to think he accepted God

They both dealt with people dealing with Stds
whom others might write off calling the products of sleaze
believed in education and awareness of risky acts
saw people change when exposed to the facts

Were also aware that nature makes urges quite strong
is sexual intercourse with consent really so wrong?
my time as a Communication major bolstered that idea
that exposure to porn isn't what is to be feared

The violence is the cog that creates a wicked space
desensitizes an audience and is lacking in grace
for violent conflict is more prevalent then we care to admit
a nation at war tends to dismiss combative civilian fits

But have you notice a general pattern where sex is not criminal
the incidences of those diseases is quite minimal?
testing is routine for a transmission is bad for business success
it is the action out on the streets that makes the mess

So you can call me insane or awfully naive
but you see I have friends whose memories I did grieve
they weren't swingers with partners too many to count
only took one to present a fatal mount

So yes I fully admit we need to study more
the consequences of legalization before we completely close that door
for a good dose of sexing can help endorphins
much better then another weapon selling trend

You see a person's exposure to pleasure, live or on the screen
isn't correlated to rape or incest or intent to demean
people of all backgrounds and classes have given into that lure
even presidents and clergy have taken lusty tours

An adult seeking some human contact in a nonviolent mode
has one priority to deal with, that internal code
and while I doubt I could go that route in professional designs
there are so many other worries that occupy my mind

Looking at choices I always prefer intercourse with a complete bond
a relationship not dictated by economics when meeting the dawn...
Written by JAZZMANOR
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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