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Sluts and Lifelong Cuts

One Christmas break, when I was seventeen or eighteen, I went with my friend Brian to another guy’s house named Brian.  Brian Turnquet.  He was two or three years older than us and always had parties and small gatherings at his house.  His parents never seemed to be around.  He was a stoner, halfway-hippie type who liked to strum his guitar during his parties.  Now these types didn’t really go over well in the town I grew up in, but he was the exception.  He had a place where we all could regularly drink, toke, and smoke.  This was also an exception to the norm.      
There were about ten to fifteen people there.  I got out one of the three Mickey’s twenty-twos I bought and started drinking.  Brian and I started shooting the shit.  There were mostly guys there and besides Turquet’s younger sister, maybe one other girl.        
After awhile another guy we knew, named Marty, entered the party with a girl named Sarah.  Marty was this six foot, two hundred and twenty-five pound redhead who I had known since we were five and on the same T-ball team.  Sarah was this light-brunette, blue-eyed slut who I had heard numerous sex stories about.  I knew her because she was in some classes of mine and we’d talk sometimes.  For all her whoring ways, she was pretty smart.  She always seemed to know what was going on in the class, but she wasn’t a bookworm.  I’d make some smart jokes in class (at least I thought they were smart) and while the other girls stared at me blankly, she’d laugh hysterically.  This combination of intelligence and promiscuity turned me on immensely.      
At the time, however, she had just ended a relationship with a guy a week earlier.  The guy’s name was Jake and he was just as big as Marty, if not bigger.  I was five foot seven and about a hundred and fifty-five pounds.  I knew him also from when we were in grade school and on various sports teams.  But he wasn’t really a friend of mine, just an acquaintance.        
During the party Sarah kept looking over at me and smiling.  I ignored her, kept drinking the Mickey’s, and shooting the shit.  I didn’t want to tread on Marty’s water or Jake’s for that matter, for obvious reasons.  I finished off my three Mickey’s twenty-twos and started bumming beers and cigarettes.  I was in the backyard talking to this guy Nick when my friend Brian came over.  Nick went to talk with some new female arrivals.      
“Hey John, Sarah’s been saying that she wants to fuck with you.”  Brian said.      
“No shit?” I said.  “What about Marty?”      
“I don’t know man, but that’s what she’s been saying.”      
Then Marty came up to us.      
“Look John, Sarah wants you.  You should go for it.”        
“Shit Marty, I don’t want to fuck with your chick.”      
“She’s not mine John; I just came here with her.  Anyways, you have a better chance than I do.”      
“Are you sure?”      
“Yeah man.”      
“Alright, where is she?”      
“I think she’s in the bathroom puking.”      
“Aw shit.”      
“It doesn’t matter man.  Go find her.”      
“Alright, what the hell.”      
I stumbled into the house to look for her.  I felt the beers coming on strong.  I saw her lying on the living room couch. This guy, Roy, was sitting and hovering above her.  It was dark in there, but it looked like they might be making out.  I lurked in the shadows for a bit watching.  I was about to leave when Roy got up and left.  I moved forward and took his place.        
“Eh Saruh, huh y’doin?”      
“Johnny.” She said as her glazed eyes gazed into mine.        
She massaged my neck and back with her left hand.  I leaned down and began to kiss her.  She didn’t taste like puke at all, but maybe it was because I was drunk and couldn’t taste anything anyway.  We kissed more.      
“Whud d’ya wanna duh?” I slurred.      
“Ah dunno.” She slurred back.      
“Led’s ged oudda er.”      
We got up, ambled through the front door, and into my car.  It was a red-orange nineteen sixty-nine firebird with a roomy interior.  I opened up the passenger door.  She got in and pulled me in with her.  I closed the door.        
After some making out and heavy petting, she was on top of me.  I unbuckled my pants and pushed her head down toward my crotch.  She took my dick into her mouth and sucked and hummed aggressively.  It was fucking great, no teeth at all.  I came and she swallowed all my jizz.  We started making out for a little bit and I pushed her head down toward my crotch again.  She repeated the act and I came.  But this time she opened the door and spit me out into the gutter.  Then we both passed out at the same time.      
I awakened about an hour or so later.  I woke her up and she directed me to her house.  When we got inside there was this horrible snoring coming from the left.  It sounded like a bear in hibernation having an ongoing nightmare.  On the couch, directly to the left of the front door, was this six-foot five, two-hundred and eighty pound black guy, Jarrett, who was friends with her older brother.  He had been staying with them.  I wondered how anybody got any sleep with that racket every night.        
Her room was directly to the right of the front door.  We went in and closed the door.  I could still hear Jarrett in the living room as if I were standing right next to him.  We started making out again and soon all our clothes were off.        
“Do you have a condom?”  I whispered.      
She reached under her bed and pulled out a shoe box filled with rubbers.  It was dark, but I saw a Trojan Ribbed and picked it up.      
“Why don’t you use this one?  It glows in the dark.”  She asked, holding a green glowing condom.      
“Next one.” I said.      
I put on the Ribbed and we started going at it, missionary.        
“Uh shit!  John…  Johnny!  Oh god!  Oh god…”  She moaned, repeatedly in various fashion.  Jesus she was loud.  I could hear Jarrett clearly in the next room and this slut was louder than him.  I wondered if he could hear this shit.  Then I wondered if he would barge into the room and attack me.  I didn’t cherish the thought of a two-hundred and eighty pound bear of man slamming me against the walls.      
After a bit, I came, tossed the rubber into a wicker waste basket close by, and laid down on the bed.  Jarrett never came in and I could still hear him snoring.  Maybe he didn’t hear us, maybe he was use to it, or maybe he thought I was Jake.  Fuck it, I was Jake.  At least for tonight.  Sarah was to my right sucking on my neck and ear and massaging my balls and stroking my prick.  She had always been a little bit on the plump side for the time I’d known her, but that year she went on some workout regiment.  Now she was in the best shape I’d ever seen her and was probably in the best shape she would ever be again.        
I started to come around again.  In those days, I had a short turnaround time and could bust nuts all night; it makes me sad to think about now.  I reached down into the box again and pulled out another Trojan; this one was with extra-strength spermicidal jelly.      
“Johnny, why don’t you use this glowing one?”  She asked again, holding up the same glowing green rubber.      
“Next one ma.” I said.      
She flipped over on all fours and bent her ass toward me.  I gently smacked her ass and slipped it in her cunt.  We started going and this time she was even louder.  The springs in her bed were creaking furiously.  We were meeting in perfect unison.  She put her head to the mattress then got up on all fours with her arms fully extended and her head back.  I could feel her cunt squeezing my dick.  I thought it was going to burst.  I reached under with both hands, cupped her tits (B-Pluses), and pinched her nipples.  After some minutes I came, threw the condom in the trash, and laid back down on the bed.  I could still hear Jarrett snoring.  Life sure was interesting sometimes.      
We fucked again doggy style; she liked it that way.  It was longer, louder, and creakier.  When I finished I through the condom in the wicker basket for the last time and we both went to sleep.  I never did use that glowing green condom.        
We awoke early in the morning and went to a nearby Denny’s.  We talked and she looked at me lovingly.  I got a Denny’s special and poured Tabasco sauce on my eggs- I don’t know why I did, I’d never had Tabasco before.  It burned my mouth and tore up my stomach.  My mouth was already raw from chewing Wrigley’s Red all night.  I found out for the first time that I was allergic to cinnamon gum.  We finished up and I took her home gave her one last kiss and headed back to my parent’s house.  I had the window down, the radio up, my mouth burning, my stomach in shambles, a sore prick, and a smirk on my face.  The warm Santa Ana winds were breezing through my greasy hair and I had no idea of the wrath to come.      
Written by Taurek
Published | Edited 15th Feb 2016
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