Image for the poem Instructions for Slave: part 4 Dove Deflowered, the Virgin Gift

Instructions for Slave: part 4 Dove Deflowered, the Virgin Gift

I attach my strap on cock harness and stroke the length of it as I watch my sweet Slave tongue our little Dove into climax. She cannot help but twist and writhe on his face, he shines bright with her kitty slick. John, my life partner, my true love slave, is a maverick at cunnilingus. He knows a woman's delicate orchid like no other man I have known. Indeed, I had started my affair with this lovely flaxen haired fairy weeks ago, but our sapphic worship had all been for him. She looked like a mythological creature, a doe eyed thing I wanted for him right away. Then when she told me she had never been with a man, my heart soared and my seduction went into full motion. I would bring my dear, faithful Slave his greatest reward yet, a virgin to take and cause to run red.        
I untie Slave so that he may touch and give Dove complete pleasure. His hands explore the diaphanous curve of her waist and rub his masculine hand over her valentine bottom. He spreads her rear cheeks wide and a deep vibrating groan comes purrring out of our little one. He has found her hot spot in her tender flesh with his tongue and fingering.  John's cock jerks with the rush of hearing her pleasure. Her glittery cunny pours out over his mouth. I in turn grasp his huge penis in my hand and stroke his thick cock in appreciation of this stunning display.        
The cinnamon of Dove’s nectar laces my lips. I lick the spice with my tongue and taste the ambrosia of her virgin zinfandel. I savor her confection delight. Her steamy Danish streams sugar. Her pink young labia glisten with honey.        
I long penetrate her virgin body with my nether tongue of flame. I yearn to part her Eden gates so that she may enter paradise and be transfigured. Her body will shake with divine pleasure till she becomes a vessel of God, her tabernacle unsealed.        
But the ultimate penetration looms with the Goddess aura of Jen. Her Phallic power consumes me with desire. To know that Dove and me will be taken like chattel, like spoils of war sends balls of fire rising from my nuts into my cock to Mistress Jen’s arsonist delight. Yes. She grasps my patriarchal staff and encompasses it with matriarchal power. I feel the heat of her sweaty palm slide up and down my penis in a web of womanly wonder. Each stroke takes me deeper into the mystery of feminine domination. With joyful tears I am conquered by Jen.        
Sweet dove, lay down on the bed. Stretch out and get comfortable. Relax your buttocks. Let them sink into the soft mattress. Now let me handcuff your wrists to the headboard. Oh good, gooood girl!  Then let me cuff your ankles to the frame. Now there. Lie still, it will hurt at first, but you will learn to love it, I promise. Oh! You make a pretty present for my beloved.  Your satin slit is so wet. Let me have a lick, taste Slave's work of you.  You taste scrumptious, peach fish and gingerale! I am now going to gift you to my darlin Slave. When John is finished bursting your ripe cherry, I will devour the mix of both my lovers juices off your lovely pink Posy.        
What a beautiful buttercup between those soft thighs.        
Go on! Mount her John! I cannot wait to see, smell, taste...Sink that thick cock of yours into her buttery donut.        
I thrust into her like Apollo taking his first earth woman. My prick slides into her tight ring of youth with the power of a Satyr taking a nymph. I pump till she screams with unearthly opera. She is no human. Her fairy  magic works its spell on me till I am the one succumbing. Though bound she is in control. Her pussy flexes so that she controls the rhythm of our love making. Her wet folds take me in deeper and deeper till I am losing control. Suddenly I feel a long hard penis penetrate my rear passage. It is Jen Queen of my nights. Together these two women have me in their spell. I feel Jen take me roughly till I am teetering on the brink of total surrender.          
Break her hymen baby. Do it now! Deflower our fairy woman.          
I give a furious thrust deep inside my beautiful Slaves ass, forcing his cock hard and up inside Doves tight pink vagina. I take Slave, and Slave takes Dove's greatest feminine gift, he has made her fully woman. She has given him her bloom. I hear his animal like response to the action...almost a growl. Deep, bestial and full of intensity. My sweet adoring Slave a Bull? I flood at the sound.        
I nail Dove with a deep foray into her inner floral arrangements. She screams like a banshee. But then she moans like a forest spirit. I pull out and lay across her like a sweaty beast.        
John, my moon lover, my baby, you broke our Doves maidenhead. Oh and how, We! You just filled her virgin womb with your lusty seed. Let us see the lovely crimson of her innocence run down her pretty white thigh, mixed with your pearl. Oooh I want a lick!        
Behold the red star of her vanquished maidenhood  haloed by my milk. My hummingbird, dip your tongue into her. I have prepared her for you. She is yours.  
I look down at Dove's heavenly pink swell of pussy, her sanguine letting runs swirls in my beautiful Slaves nacre silk semen. I trace my red nail through and make a heart. I bend my head down and take a sip of John's essence out of her tight little hole. As I raise my head, he kisses the pink salty mix off my lips in a most intoxicating kiss. Oh Mistress, please let me watch you fuck her? Of course you will my pet... I say with a smile.          
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Published | Edited 8th Feb 2016
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