Abstracted Mind

Abstracted mind>
Got to draw the line
cant sit still
think alls fine
While others can sip
on expensive wine
world goings crazy
Trapped  in there own days
one big blaze
I keep seeing
hidden symbols
Subliminal messages
In disney movies
Wanting to create us in to loonies no mind
Walking Zombies
They got us under
control n hold
They want us falling on our
the coming up beast
Freedoms taken
Words  are silenced
Dare to not speak
Only going to cause violence

i cant help to think
About those  
Aborted babies
Drs selling there parts
Those who dont  question
have no  heart
A lion is hunted
People are furious
All over the news
Outrageous and murderous
"Did I tell you there selling
"Human baby parts"
Does that make you
Stir up inside
So many tiny babies vacuumed sucked away
Ripped cut out of there wombs

its no life
A clump of cells
I laugh out loud
If this is only a clump
Then why is it being sold
Little livers
All in the name of science

A Lion being
Hunted has cause headlines
Yes its cruel

You could learn a thing or
Two from a lioness
She will   tare your eyes out
rip you in shreds
If you come between her and her cub
There protective nurturing
They care about there unborn
More spirit and soul
See there on to something
Most of us don't know

More medicines
needles in our kids
Yet more babies dying of sids
those who refuse for personal beliefs
or a conscious objector
Are being persecuted
Targeted at like there killers
all  we want to do is
Protect our children

Im not getting in to the debate
Whether some are for
Or against
Its our choices
Why should you need to Know
where I stand?

I keep seeing evil
In Religions
Selfish churches
Stealing dollars
While claiming its in the lords
Emptying pockets
While zoom in rockets
Brand new houses cars
Crystals and Diamonds
Armani suits
"Gods great"
why not give
Its ok I'll take your last dollar
Oh sister brother god will heal
Empty your pockets
And sign your life savings

A pastor dont need to  be rich
When his meant  to show love to the poor
What happened to opening your door
to the broken
The ones feeling forsaken
Show love
Hey prophet of god
Come on give him
Your gold ring

See my mind keeps spinning
I cant keep believing
We live in a free country
Its not a happy fairyland
Its a gory twisted
Slave land
Where most are sheep
Who are fast asleep
Have not awaken
To see the revelation
The  new world order
Introducing the microchip
Do you want to be chipped
Will be the trend
You going to walk with
The robots?

" your just paranoid psycho
Take your meds it all
"Governments care "

you keep believing that
Bah bah bah bahhh
Follow the herd
Don't take a step out of line
Shouldn't question
Shut up just walk
So you got something
on your fork
They aint fracking
In natures grounds
You all just hounds
Full of frowns
Smile be a clown
Its jokes n sparkle candy

Processed meats
3legged chicks
Plastics turned to rice
Sprays on our veg
The ones with money
Can afford the organic honey

I can't just relax
Take chill pill
Let it be
I got to speak

Abstract mind
I'm not telling you
All is fine
I wrote few lines
Will see who will listen

Go back to eating your tv dinner
Watching the footy
Have no fear
Life is fabulous
With your footy gear on
If only we would
gather in groups to fight
For human rights !!!
Instead  for men
chasing balls
Fuck sake
lets grow some
Join as 1
Defeat the ones who
Think we dumb

Syrians starving
Children dying
Its ok change the channel
Cuddle  up watch your bulshit
Shows .
" did ya see that bloody goal?

Im  just the nut case
Writing a poem
An Abstracted mind
That speaks out
Im going to
End it
Think I said enough .
Written by brokenedsoul (Adriana Jane)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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