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In The Valley

Okay, now
Unbutton his pants
And suck his dick
Faster on it,
Okay, now gag on it
Okay, that's good
Now spit on his balls
There you go
Now lick it off
Okay now get both balls
In your mouth
Youíre a fucking star
Okay now spit on your tits
And squeeze them
Around his cock
Okay, now whereís the oil?
Okay, Jerry, start pouring this
On her tits
There you go,
Donít be afraid to use all of it
Because weíve got plenty
Okay now start slathering her ass
Put it directly into her butthole
And squeeze it,
Good, good
Now, Karen, squirt it out
Donít worry, weíve got
A cleaning crew
Okay, Jerry, put it in her ass
You okay, Karen?
Ha ha, I know you like it
Youíre the best bitch ever
Pour more oil on her ass
I mean, really get it all
Over the place
This footage looks fucking amazing!
Okay, now pull it out
And start sucking it again
Youíre really into it, okay?
Gag on it again
Oh shit!
Youíre gonna get nominated
For this, Karen
You fucking bitch
Okay now start slapping her face
With that horse cock
Tell him how much you love it, whore
Yes, Iím gonna fucking cream myself
Right now
Okay, back in her ass
But cowgirl this time
Not that reverse bullshit
And Karen, stay squat on your feet
For as long as possible
Thisíll be some legendary shit
Right here
Grab her ass from underneath
Finger your pussy, Karen
Talk dirty
Oh shit, did you just come up with that?
I fucking love you!
Okay, grab her tits,
Squeeze them
Whereís that oil?
Ah, fuck the oil
Okay, start sucking him again
Now lick his ass, rim him
What? †Okay, Iíll throw in
Another $800. †Deal?
Now really get in there,
Suck some shit outta his anus!
What? †Too far?
Okay, go back to the balls
Really make out with them
Like it was your high school crush
Whisper sweet nothings to them
Okay, now bend over,
Keep your legs straight,
And grab your ankles
Now, Jerry, hereís extra lube
I want you
To really pound her this time
Show no mercy,
Make her say the safe word
Three times before you stop
Okay, another $500, then.
We good?
Youíre killing me, Karen
Grab those ankles!
Youíre loving it, you slut
Oh shit!
Smack her ass
Harder, with both hands
I want to see oil
Splashing off those cheeks
God damn
Youíre getting this, right, Glen?
Fuckiní A
Youíre the best in the biz
Holy shit!
Whip that hair around, Kar
Grab her midriff,
Keep slamming it,
Donít slow down
No, already?
Okay, fuck it
Karen, get down on your knees,
We need this shot
You went a whole week
Without doing it, right, Jerry?
Youíve got the best loads
In the biz!
This is gonna be money
All over, Jer, all over
Get it in her eyes
And up her nose
Swallow whatever gets
In your mouth,
Donít spit,
Okay, Kar?
Okay, here we go
Get in tight, Glen
Tongue his balls
One last time, Kar!
Oh fuck, Jer,
What the fuck did you do?!
You overshot!
Half of itís on the couch
And on Tracyís new boots!
You asshole, Iíll fucking kill you!
Goddamn it!
What am I gonna do with this?!
Okay, okay, fuck!
Iím calm, Glen, Iím calm
Keep shooting
Okay, Kar, suck him dry
Smile, wink at the camera,
Now kiss and wave goodbye
Goddamn it!


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