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Instructions for Slave: part 3 the beginning of fuck

Continued from Instructions for Slave: part 2 my lovers meet        
The three of us walk down the hall and enter my boudoir. My slave unable to hide his excitement, rushes to the mirror.            
Isn't it just perfect Slave! See the lovely checks from the fly swatter, and my handprint is welling up beautifully!            
He smiles and his apprecitation of our handywork on his derrier shows fully in his big rising cock.            
Let's make some more art before your bottom is too tender to use. I do enjoy the warm bath we will take later to ease the ache.            
Slave, i believe our Dove enjoyed swatting you very much. Bend over the bed and present her your sweet canvas.            
My Dove, i give you the honor of first spank. There is nothing like your hand smacking against a mans soft flesh of round ass. His tense and release. Go on! In fact, take several.            
Yes Mistress, she says with excited flush in her cheeks. She walks up to my Slave, bent over my four posted bed, arms stretched out over the pillowy comforter. Dove pulls back and smacks him soundly on his plump bottom. I watch Slaves face as he holds his mouth tight together, determination spreads into a lascivious smile as she repeats the action a second and third time.            
Continue with your spanking Dove. Let me see how my beautiful slave is enjoying things.          
I walk to my Slave and reach under him to feel his cock. He is fully erect again. I stroke him as our little doll paddles his posterior. His cock trembles with the rest of him.            
I am becoming equally arroused watching the lovely scene, and undress to my stockings, black boots and panties.          
The sound of smack and my Slaves labored breath fill the room.            
My Dove. Please join our nakedness. I am going to tie our Slave up to the bed. Slave! He climbs up onto the bed and lays on his back. Breathing heavy causing his belly to puff up.and down, a titilating movement that sends heat directly to my cunt. His hands stretch above his head. His ribs rise and fall, his nipples form sharp points. He is stimulated almost to agony with the venereal anticipation of having two women use him as their toy. I kiss him to show my deep love for him, and take the pink ribbon from before, using the middle to bind his wrists quite tight. I leave a long length of slack, tie the ends to the special hook i have in the middle of the headboard.            
I sit straddled over my faithful Slave. Dove is now naked.            
My Dove, you look so stunning. Your tits are so full and beg to be sucked. Please, bring me the box on top.of the chair there and join us.            
She places the box on top of the bed and crawls up. I pull her too me by the arm and give her a deep kiss, slipping my hand between her creamy white thighs to feel her excitement. Her pretty young cunt is soaked. The wet clings to her pubic hair. Her pussy swells and screams to be licked of it's nectar. I taste her juices off my fingers. She tastes sweet and sour, deliciously like sex.          
I climb off Slaves tummy. My Dove, i say, please crawl up here and feed my Slave your yummy pussy juices. You will love his mouth, his tongue lapping you, his teeth tugging your pretty pink clit.            
Yes Mistress, i dip down to catch her breast as she manipulates herself onto him, taking a razzberry nipple between my teeth. I bite some, and suck a moment. At the same time enjoying the feel of two fingers dipping deep inside her sticky love hole. Hot folded flesh hugs tight around them. Her pussy feels like a cozy little furnace. I stroke in and out for a moment as she purrs with pleasure.            
Okay, now ride his face, let him tongue bath you.        
My Dove locks her knees around his head and  begins her decent. She is about to recieve her first pleasuring from a man. She lowers herself with some trepidation, but as his skilled mouth starts suckling, she sinks onto him. Her small hands grip the top of the headboard, and a wonderful moan escapes her. Her hips move on instinct, and grind into his tongue thrust.            
It is time.            
I reach into my box, and pull out my strap on penis. I am now going to fuck my two lovely lovers.  
Written by calamitygin (Jennifer Michael McCurry)
Published | Edited 22nd Jan 2016
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