Too Late For You

Iíll say Iím good
If you ask me how I am.
The truth is that on the
Inside I wish I can get rid
Of my feelings for you
And I wish I could care less.
I wish I can do what you did
To me which is ignoring me
For days and sometimes weeks.
You know, I used to get you
Because you were busy
But now Iím just confused.
You don't feel the same way
I feel about you. Thatís fine
And itís whatever. Maybe
Itís because you recently got
Out of a relationship.
It may be because you
Think youíre no good for me
And thatís why youíre trying
To scare me away.
You are afraid I wonít
Like certain things about you.
If you wonít put in the effort,
Even if itís just being friends
Then thereís no point
In doing any of this anymore.
No more waiting around for
You when you fall through
On plans. I get it, you need
To figure out your life and
Maybe you donít have time
For someone like me in your life.
I donít fit into your plans.
Thatís okay. I just need
To know if this is all worth it.
And are you worth that wait?
Itís hard to tell when youíre
Saying and showing me
Two sides of you. The guy who
Calls me beautiful, gives me
Flowers, meets my family and
Is all over me. Or the guy who
Has secrets and doesnít
Think I know him well enough.
You say it has nothing
To do with me and youíre
Blaming yourself for all of it.
It doesnít excuse
Your behavior and words.
You may say Iím the most
Amazing person.
If Iím so amazing
Why aren't you showing me that?
People are warning me
Saying youíre no good for me
And that I shouldnít be
Wasting my time.
Maybe theyíre right because
I trust them. I thought
I found the right guy because
I know finding a gentleman
And someone old fashioned is
Hard to come by.
I thought I found someone who
Respected me enough
To not care about my past
And wanted to know about
My story. With you I learned
Something new every day and always
Tried to put my best foot forward.
With you I forgot about
Physical appearances
And focused on whatís
In the heart. Maybe I was
Wrong about you.
Some people come disguised
As a blessing but maybe
You were disguised as a mix
Of a blessing and a curse.
I know I deserve better.
I deserve the love and respect
That goes both ways.
I think Iíve finally realized
Youíre not that person.
Maybe down the road
Youíll be ready, but
It might not be with me as
Much as I want it to be.
By that point it will be
Too late because I moved on
And stepped forward
As you have taught me.
Written by eswaller
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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