Ghetto soldier

Get up ghetto soldier
Don't let up, step wit focus
They'll never get to know us
They'll never have the courage to slow us
We are invincible, living on principle
We are demons mixed with hope
We are the nights that we pricked our skin
Wit dope
And smoked too many cigarettes
And held up through the heavy shit
Meddled wit our inner pieces
Just to slip through the thick city of sin
Without losing our heads, of recent
I tread through so many sedatives
Uppers, wondering if I'm better yet
Am I better yet
Tell me government
Am I better yet
You sent me through the system
Now I am a veteran and a victim
Our sweaters hold sweat and vision
Our cement is etched wit wisdom
We walk relentlessly, never got to the edge
Selling our messy bodies and possessions
Just to keep a hobby and a blessing
God, I got one question
When will it stop
We fought every intervention you brought
Cause we got lost, stuck
Only interested in guap
In lessons we learned
How to toss, turn in shelter beds
Applying friction to burns
Personal and those of others
Wit no intention
Foes mentally invented
If we grew into roses
We suppose you'd get to steppin
Everything happens for a reason?
Not everything is worth remembering
Hesitate to believe in anything
Let alone Jesus
We only find peace when we severing
Heads of enemies
Some imagined
Some steady happening
I'm savage and stabbing
Psych of black matter, I grow madder
Attack bliss wit glass shattered
Relate our anatomy to mathematic division
Chuck shards at the little things
Til we barely civil beings
And chuck history into the now
Til we equal nothing
Just as our existence in relation to other humans fade to abyss
So do our beings
You can hate it, but that's easy
As the minutes tick by I thank Earth for letting me lay on a bed to sleep
I used to lay my head to cement and grass patches
Concrete slabs and ash filled mattresses
Making bread to have something for lunch
Salvation of core just to grow more storms upon, they run for shelter
Dance in the reason of rain in spring season
I cry tears for my people who feared to breathe
We all grow til we let our roots be released
In war with, in, and for the streets
We will never let the seeds of our dreams die
So the nation's crooks are forever
I forgave this jaded creation
Need a team
Scared to be abandoned
Better tainted
Feel that they will perceive
Me as damaged, I like to cover the scars
So leave my bandages on
Until my heart goes hard
I manage to stay strong
I will never be still, I wasn't still born
I started no wars
But found myself among many, kill force
Take charge of motivating with angel arms
They starve, I starve, we starve, days long
Force of large metal bars foreseen in the stars that chart our cause
Will they carve us as targets
We were cases they dissected and made enemies of
In the history books, no it won't be our acts of love they will speak of
Regardless of the mad love we lived for and dreamed up
Instead they mention the criminal nature that we are such freaks of
Do they understand the blood and guts
Underneath our dark, scarred hoods
That we judge and are judged
We were never ones to judge
We grew to only be misunderstood
Now we misunderstanding
Yo, it's all we were shown so that's what we reciprocating
Wonder of love, of luck, of lust
In jars all the parts of us that were once good
It all started wit a right foot
Now look how the nights look
On strings in space, never to be landing
Where we, man and women are standing
They're placed spaced apart scathed and tarred
Burying with spades ain't what was to be
In the cards that were laid out in our names
When one homeless person meets another's gaze
They are home til prideful selves close a gate
And separate the bricks once laid
By acceptance, love and recognition
Stay the same or change and ditch them?
My aim is spiralling
I can't take missing them
They on the pavement
Ain't be listening to the brave when they say
Your mission shouldn't be just to save them
I am the mayhem, volcanic and breaking rest
Causing them to stand when they crave to lay and daydream of blades and death
Written by JnLdNk613
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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