I have a whole new appreciation for parking garages...

You're going to wear a skirt, aren't you?
Yes, Sir, I am

I'm thinking this is no great hardship as, after all, I typically wear dresses or skirts to work
You'll wear a thong

I grimace to myself a tad thinking ruefully for a moment of men and this penchant they oft-time have for thongs
By this time in my life, I've discovered, certainly, how to acquire comfortable ones, but the truth, hmmm...I'm embarrassed to admit is that when I'm aroused no thong can withstand or conceal that fact
Still, I say
Yes, Sir
And on we play
This is to be our first official meeting
We've played online and on the phone
Introduced by a mutual friend - his Mistress who knows me as her Mistress (and we've known each other for years)
She thought I'd Top him, but I'd somewhat else in mind and told him - turned out he'd switched before and was amenable
She was thoroughly scandalized (I've always wished there was more reason for her to be...)
Our first meeting He picked me up at work where the security guards were scrutinizing Him from the moment He walked in
That long blond hair and boot-length leather trench coat of His were, admittedly, rather out of place  
I, in contrast, in business attire, skirt notwithstanding
I got into His car and, aware of my limited lunch hour, yet determined to exert His will, He took me to a parking garage downtown.  
I had told Him that, though I would be incredibly aroused, the likelihood of my reaching orgasm was very unlikely as I simply wouldn't be able to focus in that way.  
He had assured me He understood and that I wasn't to worry about that, just worry about pleasing Him, which suited me perfectly.  
He parked midway between the second and third levels of the parking garage, in the darkness of concealing building. Twas midday and the area, though full of cars, appeared fairly deserted.  
He leaned over, kissed me once, looked me in the eyes, then undid the front of my blouse. He looked at me again, nodded His approval, reached down, and flipped up my skirt. Seeing the thong and my pussy barely contained by the flimsy lace and satin of it, He said
Good girl

And proceeded to put first one, then two fingers inside me
I was ready for Him
                   Had been all day
                                All I could think was
                                                      feel was  
                     sweetest relief to  
        have Him filling me
                              any way He chose
I whimpered, moaned, tried, in vain, to stifle cries
                 He thrust His hips toward me, commanded,
Put Me in your mouth

Near weeping now, I gratefully complied
eagerly swirling my tongue around His crown, laving Him with lascivious licks and prolonged sucks
thanking heaven and earth for the fact that He produced copious amounts of precum, which I suckled from Him as enthusiastically as I've ever indulged in Frusen Gladje, one of the best ice creams I've ever had...
He held my head down with one hand, forcing me to take more and more of Him, His turgid length engaging my attention as I drew gasping breaths amidst gulping Him down, moans jerked from me with each movement of His other hand inside me
This combined with the dirty-nasty-sweet things He's saying to me shocks me into giving Him what He wants
          What He's come down here for    
Why He's driven some 50-plus miles one way to see me for less than one hour, mayhap?
       He's gotten what He came for
I'm cumming and I don't care that we're in a parking garage in broad daylight in the middle of the city in a car with the windows down and anyone walking by could see me with my sweet ass in the air and His fingers deep in my gushing joy as I writhe and He twists them further inside me and I scream and choke on His steel embedded in my throat
I don't care in that moment who I work for and that if I'm found it would be a very touchy situation indeed
I don't care  
               because I didn't think I could cum like this for Him
                                      For me
I am ever so grateful that whoever was in that parking garage that day did not ruin that moment for me, waited 'til my screams were fading echoes to slam that car door...
Written by Savaja
Published | Edited 19th Jan 2016
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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