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Instructions for Slave

(I leave for him in a white envelope both instructions for our encounter,   and a long length of ribbon in pink satin.          
He pulls the ribbon out, stares curiously? Then reads with intense focus turned willingness.)          
My Beautiful Slave:          
Take the bottom of this pretty pink ribbon and tie it off beneath your scrotum.            
Tight please.          
Pull it out to your right hand side...       Hard.            
Now,  take the pink ribbon,            
Pull it across the middle of your sack, over and around,          
Looping underneath left testicle,            
around over the top again and across,          
Then do the right testicle            
Over the top,            
Under, around....over and across...          
And so forth..          
In an 8 or infinity pattern 3 times over and under each testicle.            
You should be erect now. If not, get so quickly.            
Then you will start at the base of your penis,            
Wrap the pink soft ribbon flat       
against your hard Piété as tight as you can stand it,          
And then some tighter please.          
Slow and carefull wind your way around,  covering your manhood in the shiny pink.            
Until you get to just underneath the lip of your perfect cock's head.            
Tuck the last of the ribbon over,          
Underneath and up through the last wrap of ribbon around your thick shaft.          
Pull as tight as you can stand it.            
And then some.            
Your penis will look so beautiful,            
As if your cock were wearing a ballet slipper.          
A lovely gift, though presented engorged and extremely hard.            
Your bare head will be turning the color of a swollen clitoral bud soon.     That is the intent.          
I have left enough ribbon to have an extra 2 feet left hanging from the end of your penis,            
This will be your lead....          
The 8 around your testicles, your collar.          
--If you have been a good slave         
and followed my directions correctly, only your swollen head and nuts will be exposed through the ribbon. I know you will pet...--        
Now, come find me my love.            
Walk in holding the  leash you attached to yourself for the night up high.          
Pulling your pink shiny cock up flat against your tummy.            
You will keep your eyes downcast, and hand me your lead.            
You must be especially good, or your punishment will be severe.            
I have a special friend coming over.     She wishes to see my slave's big cock.            
She is a lesbian, but has been curious to feel and study a penis. To fondle one and test it's reaction to touch.            
But she is nervous.            
You will be perfect understand?    
You will not do or say anything unless asked, so that she feels as relaxed as possible.            
I told her i would wrap your penis up to look like a pretty, shiny pink pussy.            
I then explained, that because i love you, and she loves me,            
That she has no reason to be afraid.            
She does not, does she?          
Of course not.            
You are always such a good slave.          
I love you with the heat of a thousand suns.            
Mistress J          
She will be here in 30 minutes.            
Be done.
Written by calamitygin (Jennifer Michael McCurry)
Published | Edited 16th Jan 2016
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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