GREEN (The other version) Chapter One

Coiling his arms around Clover like a snake coiling around it's prey. The huge man began to squeeze the life out of her.  "This is what women get for playing with monsters" said the godzilla size of a man as he squeezed tighter and tighter.  "And you'll get your brains blown out if you don't release my friend" said Amber Forest as she
pointed her Glock at the hulk of a man.  Looking over his shoulder with Clover still in his grip the man says "Do you know what will happen to you if you kill me?"  "Nothing but you know what will happen if you don't release Clover" said Amber Forest.  Letting go of his hold the man dropped Clover on her feet.  Still pointing her Glock at the man Amber says "That's a good little monster.  Now step away from Clover.  Do as I say and you won't get shot."  Taking three big side steps the large man moved to his right. "Good and tell your sister Ivy to pay me my money.  Clover walk over to me" said Amber Forest with her eyes locked on the man.  Strutting over to Amber Forest looking over her shoulder Clover spat the words "This is what monsters get for playing with women."  
"And the next time Ivy try to muscle her way out of paying me my money bad things will happen.  Now get in your car and leave" said Amber Forest.  With a look of disgust on his face the man says "We'll talk later Amber."  Getting into his car the monster of a man pulled off.  "I can't believe he pulled that stunt on me at the Emerald Lady.  My own night club" said Amber Forest as the two women stood in the parking lot of the Emerald Lady.  "Ivy must be in hard times using her brother to solve her money issues says a lot" said Clover as she rubbed her ribs.  "Yeah Clover I was thinking the same thing" said Amber.  As the two women stood in the parking lot of the Emerald Lady  
an old school 1970's Cadillac pulls up beside the two.  "Hello Amber how's business?" asked the driver of the Cadillac.  "Edward Davis why aren't you at Club Envy?  
Your own club" asked Amber Forest as she walked up to the black Cadillac.  "I just wanted to stop by and celebrate the success of the Emerald Lady" answered Edward Davis.  "Yeah right" said Amber with a smirk on her face.  "Any time you need to make some extra money there's a pole at Club Envy with your name on it" said Edward Davis.  "No thank you Davis.  The Emerald Lady only accepts paying customers" said Amber Forest.  "Ha, ha, now you got jokes" pulling out a crisp $20 bill Davis handed it to Amber Forest.  Backing into a parking spot and getting out of his car Edward Davis followed Amber and Clover into the Emerald Lady.  "Wow Amber I'm impressed.  You got a nice size crowd" said Edward Davis as he walked behind Amber and Clover.  "All my hard work paid off.  Would you care for a drink?" asked Amber as they passed by the bar.  "No thank you.  To tell you the truth I need to speak with you" said Edward Davis as he grabbed Amber Forest by her hand.  "We can talk in my office" said Amber.
As the three sat in Amber Forest's office Edward Davis told her what was troubling him.  "I'm leaving town for a while.  I need to get out of Green Haven.  I'm in a sticky situation with the police.  A lot of police in Green Haven are corrupt but you already know that being who you are.  With you being the new leader of the Black Crime Syndicate.  You know what type of officers I'm dealing with.  I want you to keep an eye on my club for me."  "Sure Davis anything for a friend.  How long do you plain to stay out of town?" asked Amber Forest as she sat behind her desk.  "For a month."  "Why are the police interested in you for?" asked Amber.  "Why ask a question that you already know the answer to?" said Edward Davis.  "Prostitution, they're trying to bust you for running a prostitution ring" said Amber Forest as she stood and walked in front of her desk.  "Yeah I closed the club down.  Me and Sin are going up north for a while.  I just need you to watch my club for me" said Edward Davis.  "Yeah like I said before anything for a friend" said Amber as she stood in front of her desk.  Standing to his feet Edward Davis says "You might want to watch your step in Green Haven.  Things are about to get crazy.  Amber as your friend I'm telling you to keep your eyes opened.  Thank you for your hospitality but it's time for me to go."  "I'll walk you out.  Clover after I see Davis out I'm leaving.  I need you to run the Emerald Lady while I'm gone.  I won't be back tonight.  Lock everything up at closing time" said Amber.  "Yeah ok sure Amber" said Clover.  Making their way to the parking lot Amber and Edward Davis say their goodbyes.  
Written by Keith Edward Baucum
Written by KeithEdBaucum
Published | Edited 17th Jan 2016
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