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Somebody told me that I was a weak ass nigga,
The type of nigga that just barked but neva bit,
The weak ass nigga that had nothin to stand for,
To live, die, to honor, or respect.
To die is worth living and to live is worth dying
If you ainít got nothin to live for you may as well roll ova and dieÖ.

Lost for words?
I just let people say what they want to say
Because everybody knows that the tongue is everybodyís worse enemy
You see my words burn holes in your mammyís underpants
Hence the reason why she is always achin I guess being hymned up by her bloomers really does hurt for a min
Just relax for a second let me clear my throat real quick, can I stretch my legs and maybe bend my arms a bit
Fuck Blklyryc today my name is Ruthless right nowÖ.
I put gentleman down and pick up nigga real quick
Take a step back and Iíll show you why
People canít seem to keep up wit a nigga like me.
If I wanted to rap I would lay down a flow that smoother than your girls fresh placed perm
I aim to hurt, neva to please
I got the need to shock yo bones to its core
And cause disruption in your whole fuckin home
From the head of the house all the way down to the ass of the house
Iím takin niggas down like layers of brick
While layin their hoes out like bowls of kibbles and bits
A lame ass nigga, now that I have neva been
See while you are chillin with yo boys I will be face boning yo Ohhh

See why stop now?
I am just really getting started can I fuck yo brain a just a lil while longer?

Shots has been fired, my whole unit is up
This right here is easy can I get my Grammy mailed to me?
This is just freestyle there is no truth to this
I am an enemy to myself
The villain that creeps through the night in disguise
Knockin niggas off like snipas
Leaving brown boxes of the remains of their once was
On the doorsteps of their mistresses houses
I am back for revenge
Whatís my name again?
Damn I think I forgot
I believe it was Ruthless the 5í4 nonbeliever of no chill
I aim to take out the biggest and strongest
And sit my ass down on the thrown just because I wanted to

If walkin away from a challenge were easy I would gladly stand up and take my lashes with honor
There is no chill in me
I was born with an ignorant ass unit
And a fucked up attitude
I donít know where I came from but I know where I am headed
So when you see me comin I advise you to run
Somebody needs to put my ass on some fucking Ritalin †
Written by BlkLyrycE
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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