Walking into a Denny’s,

For New Years Burger, Onion Rings and a Shake,

Though I know what I am going to order

I pick up the menu, and read

Allowing myself to stare off and daydream

I always zone out and become inspired when I come here

In my solitude, food and drink

I think;

What I discovered about be

Negativity is killing me

I need to have more faith

That everything will be alright

Even if its messed up,

Failed, or fuked;

I have lost my faith

And that is why I hate everything

And always have a bitter taste in my thoughts

The more I learned

The more I read,

Studied math, physics, history,

And graphs

Nothing was special anymore

New or original

Everything has already been done

With nothing to look forward to,

Everything became just another statistic

There is just probability

Laws of cause and affect

And guilty till proven innocent

Because those fukers probably did it

And I aint interested in following any further

I have lost my faith

I lost my faith,

In humanity,

In beasts,

In Gods and men

And in woman,

I need to find myself again

And I will;

Something that was planted in the beginning

In my genesis of birth

And the awakening of knowledge

The more I have learned

The less I seem to care, about others

I lost patience, and tolerance for old ways of kindness

Accept for when in mood swings.

I Love, I hate, I love you, I hate you

As I both Love and Hate… I…. I love and loath myself
```~~~... ... ...~~~```
Written by deadwolf
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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