He said

He said that he was the devil
She said she already knew,
Reached out her hand
Said I'm here to dance with you

While he dealing, stealing
Peeling faces wit a switch blade
She tryna heal him swaying at the waist
Switching pace as she serenades

He wish she hated him
He can't face it
He break when she lay wit him

She was a ray in the day
Still is to him to this day
Every day that she stay
Thought she was getting through to him
She's already fadin to grey
She wish she was capable of saving him
She brave the darkness they create

Love the taste of mayhem, say it's worth the fight
He control the evil in the world that erases the light

She comes home, see his demons
And she feeding them righteousness
He will never see the brightness
Still she thinks love might fix
She stifling a cry, suffers and she wonder
Why she feel her insides dying, dyin so fast
He fucked her up but she look past
Time is taking her sun, stunning her summer

Under the eerie vibe he got on for size
She believe he carry a lullaby inside
She know he lying and filling his time
As a felon, full of life but that life be of crime
But she a ride or die she try and try and try

Hell melting her wit it's elements
She says she's fine
In her mind she hide
She can no longer look up at the sky

Eyes on the ground, line on the table
She was once such a dime
Now she silent, unstable

Inner peace won't ever happen
She bleed like she was cut wit glass
He broke her windows of purity
Hid the pieces under the mattress
Like he teaching her a lesson
Look before you form habit

He was a mess that none would mess wit
He'll never confess, he will never deserve her
He carry a burden of concern for hurting her
Forty percent liquor he slurring words
He said she shoulda left when they first met
But there was certainly no deterring her

She say his absurdity obscure his insecurities
So when she looks at him
She see art worthy of a museum
He look in the mirror and don't see it
He fear she's dreaming and delirious
He don't see clearly through her lids
He curses how weak she is to be wit him

There would be no magic left
If she ever turned her back to him
Because that would be the last of him
She'd be sad cause she'd lack laughing wit him

But she stabbed in the back wit his every action
She's madly addicted
He said why don't you go back to happiness
She say that ain't ever happening
When he cheat, attack, turn even the mattress mad wit his havoc

He's the cure and the disease
He has her in his grips
She love his touch it shatters her
Grasping for him to mature
He treat he as if she ain't shit
She sees his fury
Had to deter her
But she determined to remain wit him

Laughs says I could get used to this
He took a look at her heart in a catalog
Went to the source of the product
No control, he got to boosting it

So abusive but he's essential to her ribs
He made it so her heart was infused wit his
Now he realize how he scars her beauty
He's losing it
It was his duty
If he saw how she'd move him
He would have never gone through with it

Her head has gone through so much trauma
She tread still cause she got a view of him from the polluted water
Written by JnLdNk613
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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