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Merci Mon Frere...

                                              Early Christmas morning, I received the most beautiful and to die for gift. I'd wished, many many times, even upon stars for this. It seemed to always elude me. Till this morning. Quite frankly, it gave our spirit the sniffles. We were gifted our blood brother, with a purple heart of valor, he was true and thru. Like us, he was a Soldier. Each fighting the exact same war, literally, the exact same war! Back to Back, we were strong and fucking fierce. Charging from the front lines, HellBound and proud, straight into the booming chaotic abyss of freezing darkness. Armed with battle scarred armor of knowledge, fearlessness and powerful weapons with bullets of words. Our mission, rescue children and adult survivors lost in the chaotic freezing dark abyss. Both, keenly aware, we could still lose our lives in this war. We were prepared and ready for any and everything, and damn proud of it! We were so much alike. Both had cut our teeth, embraced in the cradle of the ghettos, gloriously adorned in gilded crowns, halos and broken wings of it's many fallen angels. We were merciless in our comforting, easy laughter and sheer joy. Hell, we even shared our many agonizing and bloody scars in top secret emails, far away from spys and thugs. In only a bit of time, we quickly realized, our fates had collided with our destinies. He and I knew, beyond shadows of doubt, the same blood and guts, were racing thru our veins. Man, we were fucking fierce. Certainly, you can understand, the squad welcomed our long, lost brother In our loving embrace. This gift, with purple hearts of valor, we would live, die and bleed for. We were, after all, brothers in arms, battling the exact same war.                                                 Mucho Mon encanta, 🔫➰🔫
Written by SURVIVOR
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