You are what I Deserve

You Are What I Deserve

In your last letter you said to me:
“you, my dear, dear ed, are deserving of only the best the world has to offer .”
Here is the best the world has to offer, and why I deserve it:

 If we are to measure Happiness by the effect on a person, then you are what I deserve.  For you have brought untold happiness into my life.  You have given this happiness without reservation, free of charge.  This happiness has filled my soul to the point of overflowing.  It is to the point where I am flying high all the time.  It is not a drivel teen-age happiness.  It is a mature, ever growing inner happiness that emanates from you.  Like the sunflowers that fill a field, all bending achingly toward the sun, so every atom of my being does the same with you.

   If we are to measure Love by the effect on a human, then you are what I deserve.  For in you I have discovered a love that I have never felt, and a self respect I have never had.  Love always has a positive effect on both the giver and the receiver. It never keeps hold of the injuries.  It always looks for the good.  Love never fails.  You have this in abundance.  There have been many times, because of thoughtless word or deed on my part, that you have been injured.  Still, you are here, loving me.  It fills me with awe at your humble greatness.

    If we are to measure Desire by its effect on us, then you are what I deserve. For I can think of no one else who's passion for life runs through my veins.  Look at you!    Your opinions are a mirror of mine.  Our loves and hates.  Our desires in politics, and history.  Our sensual desires for each other.  The appetite I have for you is insatiable.  You are the dessert I want to devour...before the main course...whipped cream , and all!!!

    If we are to measure Completeness by it's ramifications on a couple, then you are what I deserve. Before you came into my life, I was a hollow man.  Void of feeling.  Barren of emotion.  A  wasteland of heart.  You appeared on the horizon like a cloud in a parched land.  Your raindrops permeated my soul.  You took the broken obsidian pieces of my heart ,  shards of blackened glass , and consolingly placed them side by side molding them back together.  

If we are to measure Friendship by its aftereffect on those involved, then you are what I deserve. Joy.  Sadness.  Loneliness. Pain.   Poetry.  History.  Politics.  Peaches and melons...I feel I can talk to  you about anything.... anything.   I can vent about work to you.  I can share the joy of my family with you.  You get excited for me when I get excited.  You do not judge me.  When I make a mistake, you tell me firmly, but gently.  If there were no other relationships allowed on this planet, save to have only one friend, I would chose you.

You are the absolute best the world has to offer me.  And I deserve you.  
Written by Handcuffs (et al)
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