There is a story untold
Of a Queen once covered in gold
Someone stole her riches
And labeled her kind bitches
She is subjected to servitude
Suffering inside while the outside called rude
Her only survival was to remain subservient under the master's whip
As she bore his children from her hip
Her womb was poisoned by the oppressors force
Her dignity was stolen, she was labeled a whore
Ripped away from her king
Made to feel like less of a human being
And through it all she managed to remain strong
Even though society told her that this was also wrong
She turned fractions of gold into small kingdoms
Giving her family what they needed
She turned crumbs into meals
Pain into laughter
All under the whip of the master
And she never rebuilt kingdoms that had long been lost
Because after centuries she forgot
That she was Queen
Oh Queen I'm here to remind you who you are
Oh Queen they took you so far
From your kingdoms
But now it's time to redeem them
Let no man, beast or child tell you that you are anything less than royalty
If they try to offer you copper instead of gold let them know that shit aint for me  
Assume your rightful position on the throne
And if he can't treat you like a Queen let him call Tyrone
Tell the media to take the Welfare out of Queen
Cause they done fucked up the real meaning
Of who you truly are and what you can be
Tell them BOW DOWN PEASANT when they approach royalty
You See-
I know that I'm a Queen
And that don't make me better than you
That just rescues me from this psychological dungeon where they threw me
And it renews me
Knowing as A Queen I deserve nothing less than respect and dignity
And I'm no longer gonna accept this bullshit they giving me  
And I can have all the power I so desire  
If I realize I am the Queen and I am higher
Than this second class they put me in
I'm no longer going to pretend
That this shit dont bother me
I’m no longer going to be
Your slave, servant, bitch or hoe
I'm feeling a lot more like Pharaoh
And when you realize your power
Like I realize mine
You start feeling a little more divine
And this fake jewelry don’t feel half as good
As this gold  embedded on my soul
Put there by my ancestors some long time ago
In a time where we knew who we were and where we began
And we ruled the land that we lived in
And my Queen-
Now we are so far far away
And we've come so far far astray
But remembering ourselves is the first path to redemption
My ancestors came to me to mention
That you should stop begging peasants
And taking orders from those who don't know your true worth
That my child is how you uplift the curse
Wipe away your tears and put on your crown
and never ever ever let these fools get you down
I promise you things wouldn’t be as hard as they seem
If you would just remember you are Queen
Written by rhondasekhmetra (Rhonda Sekhmet Ra)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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