Glad I Made The List

i know  
you got a lotta dudes  
gettin at you  
many are called  
chosen are few  
and even though you can only see me through  
your side view mirror  
my aim is to become the center of your focus  
to get a picture that's clearer  
step out the periphery of that convex  
you only got a glimpse of me  
not the entire context  
I'm comin on stronger with desire and respect  
lettin my soul reflect with fluidity through my mind  
dig a lil deeper and I'm sure  
you'll find a treasure trove of love  
stashed away inside my chest  
surrounded by an icebox
that has begun to melt  
cuz something genuine is felt  
emanating from you  
you're not giving me act one  
then act two  
what i see is actually you  
in all actuality  
i think your practicality balances out my passion  
the idealist meets the realist  
type shit  
the realest woman I've ever met  
let's make our own reality show  
without the camera  
no Facebook advertising  
let's do this face to face  
in quiet places  
like late night walks  
or a cozy brunch  
i gotta hunch  
you gonna dig the flow  
of my lifestyle  
got an extravagant mind  
but my heart's a simple place  
with space reserved  
just for you  
let me show you how deep it goes  
bathe you in sweet sentiments  
even when I'm raunchy  
I'm always intimate  
willing to stand with you  
during inclement  weather  
we can be tethered like none other  
and still feel free to be silly  
let's take weekend trips to Philly..  
or the Poconos  
go horseback riding  
cuddle up on cold winter nights  
while confiding your dreams and your fears..  
whispering sweet nuthins in your ears  
come here  
sit on my lap  
let me cater to that little girl in you  
the one who's still full of wonderment  
i see you underwent a wonderful transformation  
no more interviews with vampires  
I'm not here to siphon you  
i wanna saturate you  
accentuate you  
put some glitter on your inner glow  
here's a resume of my soul  
feel it out  
if it's not the right fit  
I'll respectfully understand  
for i was never entitled for you to grant this wish  
i just sincerely wanna say thank you  
I'm glad i made the list. ..  
and maybe somewhere down the road  
you'll have second thoughts  
about gettin rid of me  
by givin you something  
to make you wanna reconsider me
Written by Naajir
Published | Edited 15th Jan 2016
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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