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Behind the Iron Mask (Don’t Fall in Lust) *Re*

I am nothing but a broken man  
Shunned away from society for loving to much
Sentenced forever to a dark grave    
Eating table scraps like a dog    
I only write this down for one day someone can find out the truth    
About the man behind the iron mask…    
I remember when I first met her    
She was the princess and I a guard to the kingdom    
So beautiful and young like something unattainable    
With each movement she irradiated elegance    
Spent weeks walking passed each other without even saying a word    
That’s till one day she spoke up and asked me for my name    
Everyday after we would talk, keeping each other’s company    
I valued our friendship greatly
That was till the day she asked me “what do you want most from me?”    
Blurting out like a fool I said “I want your body!”    
A dead stare into my eyes with a deep kiss that followed    
Sliding her hand down my undergarment    
Rubbing the full length of my member    
We quickly had to stop as the king walked in… almost catching us in the act
The following night was the annual ball    
It’s where all the rich snobs get together to gloat about their riches
She walked in the room with a sparkling gold dress    
High heels with curly hair and painted fingernails    
Giving me glances as she walked toward one of her girl friends    
They started to dance rather sensually while looking over at me from time to time    
After the dance she took my hand, heading me up to the king’s room    
She said to me “kiss me like you love me”    
I kissed her with such passion… pushing her up against the wall    
Her knees buckled and she tumbled to the ground    
“Are you alright?” I asked    
She looks up at me and said “just need to catch my breath”    
To my amazement she begun to rub my hard erection through my trousers    
The anticipation was such a killer
So I pulled out my lengthy part for she could embrace it with her lips
She bobbed up and down on it; the feeling was of glorious heaven    
The excitement got the best of me so I stilled her head with my hands    
Thrusting in my rock hard love stick deep in her opening as saliva spilled out    
Cum began exploding down her throat with tears running off her face    
She choked a bit, then spit out the remains    
I felt as if I did something wrong and repeatedly apologized
She just looked up at me and smiled… then said
“You just became my everything”    
We spent many days after making crazy love in different parts of the kingdom    
The most rememberable times where when we would go into the dungeon    
She would pay off the guard then we would go down and have our fun    
Chaining her face first to the cold prison walls    
My lady would stick out her tush as to say “have your way with me”  
Then I would stretch open her tight hole as the prisoners cheered us on…    
I loved this girl and all her freaky ways    
There was to no end I would of gone for this woman    
Unfortunately nothing last forever…    
I begun to get jealous of her talking with other men    
She would tell them the same sweet word she told to me    
Said I was special, I was loved and I was her life    
Yet told her friends that I was nothing but a lost boy      
Wanted nothing but the truth from her so I asked “did I do something wrong?”    
She backed off… said I was trying to set her up  
I got obsessive to the point of rage and downright stalked her    
The king found out everything we did  
My love told him I was taking advantage of her    
Those I tried to plea my case to only seen me as trash…
The king sentenced me to death, but after the princesses plea he decided to lock me away forever
Never to be seen or heard from with an iron mask over my face    
This at her request; that way she wouldn’t ever have to worry about looking at me again    
I would of embraced death with open arms
But something sick in her thought this was for the best    
Regardless of what she did I still hold on to our time    
I will die in these cold walls with only sounds of other prisoners screaming    
A hell worst than hell…    
So if you’re reading this just know this isn’t a story of a mad man    
No, it’s a warning for anyone that falls in lust
Written by EM20XX (Just a Puppet)
Published | Edited 11th Nov 2015
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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