For you

There i go a- fucking gain
Tripping and falling into the same mental trap that got me heart struck the first time.
What the fuck does it take ...for me to be independent in love
Not fucking relying on people to change my thoughts......emotions...or fall into temptations?
Why does the smell of your skin and the pattern of your hair always turn me on?
Turn me on to a point where I fucking cast onto your ship? Yes sail out into the ocean blue
But fuck it, cause I have no clue
No clue of what to do
because my body gets loved poisoned so easily when I'm with you
It intoxicates my mind and my body emits these fumes from fires I didn't know I could produce.
Why can't you stop being so fucking seductive
Stop making me love drunk and leaving me out to drift and wait for some stranger to call for help.
Rescue me
Rescue me please!
Kiss me oh so softly and resurrect my soul from the death that it undergoes every time I have to watch you walk away.
I drown every time we make love
Feels like I can't surface and capture a breath or over come the possibility of my soul's death.
Why do your fingers feel like many tiny roses falling from the heavens over my body and your lips paint a new image of the history we are about to create.
Your body pressed against mine
And everything around us pauses in time
Because in those moments we don't give a fuck about one!
Then again you just leave me there to drift away
Drift away in my imagination as you continue to live life like I don't even exist.
What's it take to get a call or text without me being the one to initiate.
How can I be so stupid and fall for something I wasn't even sure about. I sat there and listened to your words
Allowed them to walk through my mind and graffiti it's existence on the walls of my heart.
My mama always told me to be careful out here
But I didn't listen
I always said I wouldn't fall for anything or just anyone
But fuck you
You changed my entire perspective on life and I'm breaking every rule I once argued!
Now what the fuck do I do?
How do I step back from something that's not really true? How do I clog my ears so I can't hear?
Can't hear the bull shit you tell me about being the only queen and only human being...................for you
Written by Kea_divine
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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