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from "the Bayou"

….a snake pit  
of low life underground,  
green, hazy waters,  
caustic, bubbling  
bogs lined    
with rows of  
weeping willow trees  
long, hanging branches  
down past your knees....  
….a solitary tree,  
deep mahogany brown  
lives and breathes  
right there on it's own  
a spell is cast    
upon his carnal soul  
his "root" erect  
hard as a stone  
(at least that's how the story's told........)  
…..on the bayou  
“…..well, they never found Hattie and they never found the shack  
and they never made the trip back in  
there was a parchment note  found tacked to a stump    
said “don't come lookin' again”
on that fateful day  
John had lost my way  
and stumbled on Hattie's ghost  
she brushed her finger  
upon his brow  
woke up nekkid  
'pon the "whippin' post"  
she wrapped her hands  
'round his cock  
fell down on her knees  
and took a lick  
He felt a tinglin' in his hip bone  
as the hounds start to cackle  
his dick grew harder than a hickory stick!!  
then she dropped on down  
head and shoulders to the ground  
her ass raised up to sky  
backed up to his root  
took it deep in the boot  
and said “have a piece of my sweet cherry pie”  
John was under her spell  
and before he could tell  
his hips started swingin' in the breeze  
and with each ghastly stroke  
came the fire,  heat and smoke  
Johnny fucked her tight ass till she bleeds  
(....lawd have mercy brown ! )  
Blood on the ground  
but ol' Hattie won't around  
and John's root was hard as a stone  
He stood up straight  
and tried to move away  
when he noticed his feet were gone  
His legs ran down into the    
cold, cold ground  
and his branches raised up to the sun  
tears started streamin'  
and John started screamin  
when he realized what ol' Hattie had done......  
for the rest of his days  
in a brown, L.A. haze  
his branches grew high towards the sky  
vaguely he remembered  
that day in September  
that he tasted her “sweet cherry pie”  
his mahogany pole  
pierced her “brown sugar hole”  
my oh my did Hattie's pussy goosh  
from a branch hung a letter    
saying “there ain't no'un better”  
this time I just might turn you loose.........  
….....from the bayou  
[cackle's and howls.....]  
Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
Published | Edited 28th Oct 2015
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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