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Image for the poem Infernally~a collab. With My Dark Sisters Taryn and Devlin and The Eternally Dark HadesRising

Infernally~a collab. With My Dark Sisters Taryn and Devlin and The Eternally Dark HadesRising

My three little Persephones    
Draped in their finest Victorian gowns    
Ravenous, an unholy trinity    
Across horizons, infamous and renown    
For stirring the loins of Man    
Unabashed with no regrets    
A blessed vision for the damned    
They undress to impress-    
sister Succubus    
Our Dark Master summons    
three witchy sisters    
to the foggy moors    
full moon hanging in the sky    
the clock tolls midnight    
as he draws a pentagram    
in the dirt setting aflame    
the grounds around our circle    
He commands lay    
the virgin soul of our water sister Taryn    
in the center of our circle    
telling us Lucifer needs a sexual sacrifice    
Lord Hades incantations are heard    
as our fire sister Devlin takes his deadly member    
deep down her throat    
while I'm ordered atop the seductive Taryn      
with a wicked gleam in my eye    
I lie on top of her in rhythm    
to Hades conjuring    
I begin to grind my slick pussy on hers    
breasts rubbing together    
thunder strikes, flames grow higher    
demons are seen dancing in my periphery    
our momentum grows with wet on wet    
-Lightning flash and moaning sounds    
Rattle like thunder across the ground    
Devilment and sacraments    
Made in the bliss of necrorgasmic laments-  
sister Sacrifice    
My mouth hungrily reaches for her    
like an infant begging to feed    
I've longed to feel this viper's quick tongue    
instantly she stirs my dark carnal need    
Her tangerine flavored evil now slicks    
glossing over my tight virgin hole    
Fingertips grabbing deep passion sinks    
tongue lapping as sweet blood now flows    
My body twisted and writhing underneath    
Dark Lord throbs as he forcefully strokes    
I'm fixed on that vision cunt twitches with moans    
seeing him buried deep inside my Sister's throat    
Neck is grabbed "Whore it's not your time!"    
"...fixate and writhe with this..."    
Succubus Crimsin eyes filling with such lust    
spreads my cunt with her hungry eager fist    
Certain to tear once Dark Lord gets a taste    
ass rises up thrusting to take her in    
Her fist is nowhere near his thickness    
bleeding sacrifice upon His altar is certain    
Peaks are firm and beg pleading    
for the warmth of my sister's deviled tongue    
Lightening strikes as razors pierce flesh    
cries heard singing a song unsung    
Walls spilling passions so dark    
tightened gripping with twitches extract    
Buried demons sucked by a Goddess    
that seep as my hole contracts    
-The deluge of slickened twats    
Thickens graves with desire and wants    
When my member distempers    
The three sisters with sins of the flesh-    
sister Fire    
down, down, deep and deep    
my King's engorged cock seeps    
and like the King in his anaconda jungle    
he slither's through;    
hot blooded hands grasping the sentiments    
of my face while    
the silence of his blacked out eyes    
impel me to suck him w/ haste    
but tonight I wish to share    
in the pleasure of our sexual sacrifice    
let my King cast the first    
of his blasphemous dice ~ thrice    
to see which of my beloved sisters will savor    
the divine of his cum~munal wine    
since I am the untamable    
of my virgin sisters three    
but first I must obey to the rhythm    
of my King's leathery shaft pulsing w/ such a vengeful wrath;    
as his titanium cock continued to delve south    
into the wet maiden blisses of my pussy's mouth    
hindering the cursed of my hungered tongue    
to burlesque around the hardened swell    
of his head w/ the scarlet of my buds cocking and flogging    
the weakened of his slit to a bruised thrashing red    
and just as the salacious fires    
of my King's diabolical desires    
scorched the Luciferian sky,    
I held fast to the raging demons of his semen    
trudging through the bowels of his mass    
spilling forth    
into the infernal gorge    
of my pandorian's kiss    
'Come,' my King then summons    
the Succubus and the Sacrifice    
reaching for me, they part lips, part orifices,    
creating an orchestrated oral~gy in the recesses    
of my mouth as I swapped my King's cum    
into each of their thirst depraved mouths;    
and in a unison pentagram of three    
we devour and swallow the sanctimonious of his misery    
'On your back,' the Dark Lord of our sister Sacrifice commands,    
and the water virgin obeys and lays the lithe    
of her earthenware bodice rendering her virginity    
sacrificial in the trinity where the Succubus and the Fire    
pillage her mouth and breasts w/ tongues and hands    
leaving her Dark Lord to mount and denounce    
the sacred of her satanic lust, burning her soul    
into an eternal crimson of dust    
and unto the Devil King's greed    
~ we ritualistically feed ~    
these beautiful deeds;    
for in Satan we need    
but it is in our Master    
that we sow and seed,    
Seraphim weep with jealousy    
Righteous cocks stiffen at our hardcore scenes    
Starring the draconian trinity    
To a soundtrack of orgasmic screams    
This seed I have imposed    
Upon your feverish flesh    
Necklaces of infernal pearls    
To quench your thirst    
Your undying need!"    
And thus Heaven shook    
From highest spires    
To lowly pits    
When pain and desire    
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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