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Image for the poem An Erotique Cryptology of Gin and "M"....(Shakesphere Run Amuck)

An Erotique Cryptology of Gin and "M"....(Shakesphere Run Amuck)

An Erotique Cryptology of Gin and "M"....(Shakesphere Run Amuck)
Slick black cock          
in electric groove          
fingers flick my flowering bud,          
mmmmm baby.....Moove          
Moove me love        
to hip flux state          
I scream  “oh my King”          
While I masturbate          
I stare at the tip,        
cock's first drops        
My pussy gooosh          
flood don't stop          
let the musique, make me cum          
Heavens pulse won quit          
God, I wish your lips could taste          
The drops of dew upon my clit        
vulva rouge          
her sensual river flowing          
Minou's heat          
tap root growing          
harder and longer          
pulse rate faster          
visually I throb          
sweet lips lick and kiss          
the knob to the doors          
of infinite pleasure          
spread you pretty wings          
and share with me your greatest treasures          
the pungent taste          
clit against muscular tongue          
deeply wanton kisses          
fingers 'pon the trigger          
my Jennifer's passionate gun......I want to feel you cum      
Yes King my wings I spread          
and fry them up in a pan          
Drip their hot juices off        
the hungry lips of my man          
Baby doll, I confess        
I ain't no June Cleaver          
You ain't never had nuttin'          
quite like Gin's dark-haired beaver          
(your tongue twistin' - my clit kissin' )        
a flavor          
I long for you to savor          
the pungent aroma of mossy earth,        
animal musk wavers          
No wilting Lilly          
this cunt of Gin          
my trigger's cocked          
psycho-sex roulette          
gun primed for sin          
Give my revolver a spin          
.....and thus starts a gentle trickle          
which meanders it's way to a stream          
soon to become a raging river          
spewing hot, white, frothy cream          
dripping down like icing          
upon my baby's alabaster skin          
can you feel the recoil of my weapon          
spent, reloading ready to "do you" once again          
wanting to beat your swollen clit          
with the head of my upright mast          
to feel your excitement exploding          
as I slide my manly finger deep inside your ass          
and my swollen root finds rest          
slowly opening your tantalizing hole          
pressing strongly against your inside          
legs spread wide, losing all control.......          
(.......June Clever dare not be in the midst          
of an erotic encounter such as this)      
I bow to thee victoriously        
ass up to my dark King          
stretch thy sphincter with deep thrust        
( You had me at the fingering....)          
 Alas my screams?        
your thick dick quakes          
my ass explodes        
my soft feminine flesh shakes          
You hath made          
your bitch of me          
With your scepter,        
take …....        
….my ass          
fuck my titties,          
Release thy cum          
in my eden's gate          
I squeeze him tightly        
milking his dark shaft          
I lay awash inside          
his sweet, orgasmic bath          
Own me king        
moan me please        
I crown you lord of all.....        
Written by MusicallyMrM
And the insatiable CalamityGin
Written by calamitygin (Jennifer Michael McCurry)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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