getting ready for dinner this eve
about to swipe hair back and pose for Me
I couldn't let her have her way
she's been a bad little girl the entire day
asking for it in subtle fashion
it was My pleasure last night to discipline with passion
choker-chain adorns with matching leash
I demand, "crawl away ...... return to Me"
knees glow scarlet red with serious rug burns
I tug the leash, whip her ass, give each its proper turn
kneeling, biting an ass cheek before I mount her
pull silky hair, enter the throbbing sphincter, a most pleasing skewer
craves it in the ass, as I scratch her back, marking it damn good
"time for bed" I carry, and grant, she loves a throat full of wood
while lying on our sides, fingering a tight cunt, biting pelvic flesh
I suck inner thighs, command she beg, "plead for My tongue in your horny mess"
obedience so splendid, but I make her wait, get her off with My fingers
then plunge My tongue, suck her cunt, how that savory taste lingers
she soon cums again, begs Me to stop
"quiet, slut .. I'll not quit until you receive all I've got"
driving My cock in her throat, My lips around her clit  
slurp, until she pushes Me out, loosing a guttural scream and a cascading slit
pushes My face away, clamps legs around My head to hold it at bay
I touch, she squeals, 'stop, please, please stop'    
I growl, "it's My fucking time to play"
onto her spine, grab toned legs, pull them up and push back
prepare this quivering cunt for an all-in cock attack
placing a foot against each bicep, My hands press inner thighs
down, down, until knees greet sheets, rose now ready for a stem this size
 compressing flesh harshly into the mattress, letting it rebound her into Me
rapidly, splitting her wide open, balls slamming, "look into My eyes and see"
"watch Me own your cunt" as screams and streams bathe My ears and cock
placing her feet on My shoulders, I grin just a little ...... more than a lot
bite each calf, re-enter her juicy asshole, fuck it hard and long
she sighs lustful melodies, this the sweetest song
I soon embody the sweaty Beast, enjoying our mutual reward
before erupting with a deep, loud groan, "fuhhhhck yehhhhhssssssss, My perfect little cock craving whore"
we collapse and cuddle .. she grasps the sheet, dries My sweat
nap for a while then shower, cleansing My precious pet
massaging her scalp, washing each strand of her hair
rinse, apply conditioner and rinse again, demonstrating ultimate care
we wash the others flesh, head to little toe, satisfaction overall
smiling, we know this starts with a simple act
I make this sexy slut crawl
*September 12, 2015*
Written by VegasPoet
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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