That Type Of Love

(Something old...working on new things.)

I donít wantÖI just need that no settled type of love.
That type of love where I cannot stand up straight
That type of love where I fall to my knees and gravel at the feet type of love.
Please donít get it twisted I donít require a master.
And a slave to their love is not what is written in the clouds or in my heartÖor in my personal book of wantís but rather in my book of hell f*ck naw.
I want to wake up and jump out of bed type of love.
The type of love that makes you go into the kitchen and cook the type of things that you would never cook.
Where cereal once sat, eggs, bacon, pancakes and waffles, fresh squeezed orange juice and buttered toast with a grapefruit and a newspaper resides.
I require that type of love that makes you want to go home and ask yourself if this is really for real type of love.
That I canít live without but Iíd be damned if I let anyone have you type of love.
The love that makes you come to your senses type of love.
That I canít stand you one minute but then the next I will climb the highest mountain and travel the world just to see you type of love.
I need that understanding type of love.
That love where I donít need to pretend to love you, I just do
That type of love where I donít need to wonder if you are happy I just see it, from your head all the way down to the bottom of your feet.
I want the love to be so strong my shadow starts feeling some type of way type of love.
I want that type of love that is not shown on TV.
That love that lasts for 50 years plus that I canít stand yo old a*s but if you ever die my world would end type of love.
Iím not asking for much but I am asking for plenty
Giving me your heart is like giving me something money can never buy.
I want to experience that touch that makes me want to turn around and slap my own damn self.
Those types of touches that make me yell Ouch!
I want to scream your name from the rooftops, hilltops and the gutters of the dirtiest of streets.
When you walk in my presence I want to be in awe.
I want to miss you when you are gone type of love.
And feel honored and blessed when you are around type of love.
I need that type of love that only God can bring.
When everyone has fallen short they will not.
When no one else understands they see the reality of things.
Into my heart they will dive, and pierce my soul.
The world can call me crazy, but as long as they tell me that they love me.
Than crazyÖI shall be.
Written by BlkLyrycE
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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