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War poetry. This is lol

Its just the sound that keeps me rocking. Up and down, head bobbing to the beat phrases created deep within the mental sea as I speak I write the speech and translate vibration to sctipture thoughts into physical figures of understood combination of words, that strike ya mind as absurd simply put my thoughts you cant separate, psychological alchemy blasphemy what I speak but if you dare to believe in me you will see what I see. Star gazing in broad daylight, soaring mind see crimson skies the stars are far from alive im walking high meteor hopping by the planets and gods my trippy vision, is not worse than my tricky resolve of revolutionary cause no pause this is a one man war against an army of machine men, annihilate scores of them I scorch flesh and mold chalices with the ashes left by countless corpses to drink the blood of their orphans of course this is just a metaphor but you should feel threatened anyway cuz mental genocide is worse than any day of taking orders from a television channel, you think youre an individual because you follow the crowd. B.e.t, m.t.v did no one notice the change? the obvious corruption that was starting to play, or were you really all that gullible I hope not tho cuz that would mean weve got no hope for what we used to know and if so how can I have the pride to claim this race when this race seems to be extinct or on the brink of it think of it for a minute then imagine being aware of this thought for more than ten years yo. Centralizing powers unknown to common folks I disturb the mental nerve when I bore with this galore of enforced lyrical force, these metaphors of bliss. grant great vigor to those that know how to interpret this. no losing focus im devoted to the purpose forcing metamorphosis of myself withing, becoming greater by the second theres no question of if im gonna make it because its not a fucking trip. yes im just chillin like a villain, living while im killing this time im feeling fine until the boredom hits I guess thats why I turned word smith might as well reference will since, I am legend. made of chaotic elegance theres paradoxical relevance within every conjecture turned theory that I present, darkness is the intent, thoughts get intense when I start to vent, spiritual laws I bend, allah himself would be very impressed yah my life continues after death. you, wouldn't wanna mess unless you prepared to commence a million year conflict youve seen blood spill but have you ever killed a spirit while hes trying to posses your head. Saint death bring dread when he steps on the deck, upon my birth satan wept and said this one won't be easy to get, jesus forgot to come back or probably never left and were all living in hell, the punishment is the illusion that we still have a chance to repent silly humans would believe anything without questioning the who what where and why, spying out the third eye all I see is nothing but lies so why should I even bother to find, the truth, when the truth seems to be mine to decide so fuck it im wild walking a fine line between insanity and living through time, the logic breaker madden contemplaters that contemplate on thoughts just as raw as this, im marked for bliss enlightened but still walk the abyss. consuming knowledge like black holes consume light in space brace, cuz if I collapse the mental pulse could shake the planet and banish all ignorant thoughts from the minds of humans, if there any at all left and the sheep will become brain dead the world will rest and harmonize again.
Written by Eternalparadox (Vance)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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